Astrounaut Jarvan IV!

Dear Riot and players, UPDATED 28/MARCH/2016. Welcome to my thread, today we will show you Astronaut Jarvan IV skin, an idea of Bombastya and me ( xTheMaker). The team of this Jarvan will be Astronaut who reach the moon ( like Neil Armstrong ). For his look he will wear a spacesuit and on the right side he will have the badge of riot. ( where is USA flag there will be riot badge ) We worked on this skin very hard so please don't insult us with bad comments ( you can tell us what's bad but in normal way ). I will introduce you with skill's and animations. passive ( Martial Cadence ): when about hitting his passive attack the lance will shine Q ( Dragon Strike ): Jarvan's lances will extand with normal white color W ( Golden Aegis ): his shield will be colored like a surface of the moon and he will walk at a zero gravity with 0 gravity E ( Demacian Standard ): when he throw his flag he will throw the flag of the Riot like on this picture R ( Cataclysm ): When he jump on the enemy champion, he will make the crater of the moon just like on this picture ( you can rework it ) Lore: "After leaving the atmosphere of the first expedition with a mission to explore the moon, the planet loses all contact with them after the agreed time for the return of. General Staff decides to send another one boat with only one member of the crew in the hope that if you return remaining" Recall animation: When he recall from some lanes or from the jungle, he will get in his capsule and he will recall down to base. When he successfully return to base it will come with an opet parachute like this and get out of his capsule When Jarvan is low hp, he will say: 'Danger! Danger! Low oxygen level.' Now the Jarvan qoutes: 'One little step for me, one big step for Dalmacia!' 'The beauty of the space, can't reach the blood in the rift.' 'First there is a hope, then there is a possibility, then there is reallity and in the and there is a win!' 'Dark side of the moon? Warded it all.' 'In Damacia of the space there is no limits!' 'How proudly is walk on the moon, but even sweeter is victory for Damacia!' 'Best way to relax? Just let it to the space.' 'I am comming for you my friends' For Teemo: 'Teemo my friend you messed up again' 'We will win with gravity or without it!' Thank you for looking at this idea! {{champion:59}} {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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