Recall Animations For All Champions

Hello everybody, I got idea for a project I think everyone will like: giving all the classic skins that don't have a recall animation, a recall animation, but I will need your help. It will go like this: everyone who has an idea for a recall animation for a champion that don't have one will write it in the caomments and I will edit the discussion and put the best ideas untill we will have a recall animation for all the champions. I will give some of my ideas for champions I play and if I will have good ideas for other champions I will ask your mind about it. Feel free to suggest changes. Some of the champions give you options so tell me what do you prefer. So lets start: {{champion:82}} **Mordekaiser**: Mordekaiser puts his mace on the floor whileholding it so that the part with the spikes is on the floor, the he raises his hand and pieces of metal starts to surround him until he spawns in base. {{champion:90}} **Malzahar**: Malzahar waves his right hand from left to right and then a purple crack apears infront of him then he waves his left hand from right to left and the crack grows a bit then he waves both his hands and the crack opens and then he passes through it and spawns in base \ Malzahar unsheathes his dagger and tears a thin hole in reality. He pries it open and slips inside\ Malzahar's eyes set ablaze with energy, and he begins spinning and ascending into the sky with increasing velocity until he disappears in a blink of light. {{champion:10}} **Kayle**: Kayle stops flying and holds her sword downwards in both hands and looks up until she spawn at base\ Kayle's sword ignites, and she spins it in wide arcs. She then plants it in the earth, creating a heavenly pillar of holy flame. {{champion:35}} **Shaco**: Shaco hops from one leg to the other a couple of times and the he jumps and spins in the air and when he lands he does a "ta da" pose and spawns at base. {{champion:25}} **Morgana**: Morgana looks down and spreads her wings, which begin to glow (requires improvement). {{champion:63}} **Brand**: Brand creates flames in his hands and throw them to the ground creating a circle of fire around him, then he raises his hands slowly, making the fire grow bigger and bigger, and then he drops his hands down making a burst of fire around him and spawns in base. {{champion:45}} **Veigar**: Veigar raises his staff and it starts to charge with dark energy (like in his splash art), then he makes a circle of dark energy above him (with his staff) that after a bit of time drops a wave of dark energy around him and he spawns in base. {{champion:101}} **Xerath**: Xerath makes the metal pieces around him get away from him (like he does in his Ctrl 2), then the pieces are starting to come back one by one and when they all get to place he spawns in base. {{champion:120}} **Hecarim**: Hecarim raises his two front legs in the air and then stomps and hits the ground with the not sharp end of his spear,he swings his spear twice and then points it forward until he spawns in base. {{champion:42}} **Corki**:Corki takes pre-flight diagnostics, checks his goggles, then rockets into the air. {{champion:79}} **Gragas**:Gragas upturns his cask and guzzles it away, wiping his mouth after. {{champion:104}} **Graves**:Graves holsters his shotgun and attempts to pull out a cigar. The wind blows it out, and Graves angrily tosses it aside. {{champion:59}} **Jarvan IV**: Jarvan plants his flag and takes knee, honoring the fallen. {{champion:38}} **Kassadin**: Kassadin raises his hand in the air and a sphere of Void energy envelops him. He blinks out of existence, as if he was never there. {{champion:96}} **Kog'Maw**: Kog'Maw begins eating the ground, tunneling into the earth. {{champion:2}} **Olaf**: Olaf drops his axes, lodging them in the ground. He looks skyward and thumps his chest, as if in challenge to the gods. {{champion:33}} **Rammus**: Rammus takes a load off and plops to the ground. He covers himself with dirt and sand and just lays back. {{champion:58}} **Renekton**: Renekton sees a sandy mirage of Nasus and lunges at it, passing through it. He roars in frustration. {{champion:72}} **Skarner**: Skarner begins kneading the ground with his claws, then burrows into the loose sand. He bursts from the ground at base. {{champion:19}} **Warwick**: Warwick clutches his head in pain, the beasthood threatening to take over. He loses control and looses a mad howl \ Warwick climbs on all fours atop a rocky outcrop, and looses a eager howl.
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