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Hello Ladies & Gentlemen! I have just received a new laptop for work, so I now have the task of getting everything I "need" off my old laptop and putting it on the new one. I have just come across some little gems I forgot I had on the hard drive which I would LOVE to share with you all. This has also prompted this little thread I want to start because it will be really fun to see the brilliant pictures you have created, and will hopefully create, for this thread! **The rules for pictures in this thread are simple:** 1. **ALL** pictures must be League of Legends themed and created using basic Microsoft Paint or equivalent. Which means no super duper photo/picture editing software or Paint+ Addons of any kind. Only Paint and its basic features like the pencil / paintbrush and fill etc... 2. **ALL** pictures **MUST** be drawn freehand **WITH A MOUSE**. This means NO tablets or other drawing devices, just your free-hand mouse skills shall be put to the test! To get you started, I will show you all the 4 I created at least a year ago, and I will add more as and when I find the time during work to paint them! ( I am especially proud of my rendition of my favourite champion Renekton!) Hope everybody enjoys this thread as much as I hope to, happy painting! []( []( []( [](

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