K/DA Kai'sa Frog Petition.

So this is kinda bugging me K/DA Kai'sa's frog is the exact same as her default frog (void frog) whereas her bullet angel skin gets a space frog. Why didn't Kai'sa get a super shiny Purple gemstone kind of frog in her K/DA skin or a Golden frog in her prestige skin? K/DA Akali has been given a lot of love having much more details added since the release of the skin. I was hoping riot would have added a fancy frog by now but it doesn't look like they are so I wanted to make this petition to give Kai'sa's frog some love! Please Sign below if you would also love to see riot give K/DA Kai'sa a frog to match her normal and prestige K/DA skin {{sticker:sg-kiko}}
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