Fare - The Fairy Lord

Fare-the Fairy Lord (trying to give ideas for champion 3) Fare is a yordle resembling a squirrel. His big tail is the only thing that is not cute about him, as he often uses it as a weapon. Normally he is very friendly, but if you dare to touch the people that he cares about, consider yourself doomed. Fare is a support that uses the opponent’s strengths as their weaknesses to win his battles, while also aiding his teammates the best he can. Abilities: Primary Passive-Knock out!-Knock out! Is an effect that affects only enemy champions, making them slower while also blocking their vision for X seconds. Hitting the enemy champion affected by Knock out! with a skill will stop the effect. Q - Fare strike! - Fare strikes opponent with his tail dealing damage and leaves the Knock out! effect. After successfully punching an enemy champion he can then reactivate the skill to heal a teammate. Reactivating the ability will damage all champions with the Knock out! Effect. W-Fare Link- Passive: Fare links himself to the closest teammate in game.. Active: Fare switches positions with the linked champion and gains a shield that decays over time. Damaging Fare while the shield is active will heal him for a tiny amount. E-Fairy Tail- Fare uses his tail to swipe a champion right or left. The champion can be either a teammate(will be swiped right) giving extra movement speed, or an enemy(will be swiped left) applying slow.If only one enemy champion gets swiped, then he gets stunned. If more that one teammates get swiped, Fare continues the swipe to finally place them behind him, while taking their position instead. R-Ultimate- Fare and Square 1st cast- Fare copies the last ultimate ability used in game along with the stats of that champion. He can then reactivate the skill to cast the ability for X seconds.Sometimes Fare is unable to copy an ultimate either because non was casted yet or because of the special interactions needed. In this situation Fare creates a square field that slows enemies that pass though. If there is only one enemy champion in the square field, it gets stunned for X seconds. 2nd cast- Fare uses the ultimate ability that he copied. After the cast is over, Fare loses the stats of the other champion and gets his own back. If there is no copied ultimate ability, Fare uses uses the square field. Lore: Fare used to be a very strong fairy in his kingdom. Even though he was from a family of unnown fairies, he made sure to stand out, with his big, kind heart and beautiful tail. His actions throughout his life gained him the title “Lord” among the fairies. One day Fare left his kingdom to explore the world, hoping to help those in need and create a utopia. But the world was more evil that he though. As he explored the realms of men, he only found pain and suffering. People were dying one after another, some for different reasons, many for no reasons at all. The sight made Fare postpone his dreams of utopia, as he decided to do his best to cleanse the world from all evil. But unfortunately he was not strong enough. Finally he decided to join the League of Legends and train himself in body and mind, to become a Legend himself and use that power later on. ~So this is it! Make sure to comment and ask any question you want.Also feel free to check my other ideas: -Cerastes the Bloody Snake -Mellisa the Phantom Princess If you have any feedback to give, feel free to do so. Again, sorry for the long post,no potato today either.Have fun on the Fields of Justice.

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