Yorick Skins

Just an idea for a potential Yorick skin when you finally get round to him =P Dragon Lord/ Dragon Master Yorick **Abilities** Passive Graves are dragon eggs (similar to Dragon Mistress Zyra) When triggered by his Q, they 'hatch' Dragon Whelps in place of his ghouls. The Whelps will bite and claw when melee attacking and will fly a short distance when leaping to marked enemies by his E. His Q lets out a small fire effect upon hitting. His W would be a dragons body, diving in and out of the ground. So scales and spikes/ fins. Lets out a roar when summoned and killed. His E would be a fire breath with the mark being left behind like a burning flame. The Maiden would be a medium sized drake that lets out a huge roar when summoned. Her attacks would be breathing fire for her ranged attack and clawing when in melee range. Graves that spawn from minion deaths near the Maiden would 'hatch' immediately. **Appearance** The way he looks would be different. He would wear fairly regal looking armour (maybe with a hood or helmet) that would be Gold and Red in colour. His Shovel replaced by a Gold and Red sword or axe. If the Gold and Red doesn't fit, then alternate colours would be Black/ Blue and Purple. **Recall animation** Yorick spins his weapon around before stabbing it into the ground and holding his hand up. A dragon will then swoop down and grab his hand to bring him back to spawn. Possibly a new VO to sound much more intimidating, with some new quotes when summoning Whelps, the Maiden or recalling. Thank you for taking the time to read this far ^_^ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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