Super Sonic Speed Ability Concept

first of: i hope my english is good enough to understand what i mean. one thing i rly would like to see in LoL is a Champion that can run with super sonic speed. i m a fan of the falsh series so maybe u know what i mean with that. my idea to put that element into the game would be, that the champ(lets call him karl...) so that karl could create an for the enemie team invisible clone for like 5 sekonds or so. u can controll that clone the same way u make it with tibbers or shaco ult. This clone marks enemies if u attack them with karl 2(the attack alone dont deal dmg). After this 5 seconds he would start to run to all of his marked aims (is aim correct here? dont know) and dmg them possibility: karl maybe could doge speels cause he is so fast or another feature : he could knock people back...casue he is so fast....i m very creative-.- but anyway. i hope u liked my idea, maybe riot get some attention on it and maybe it was not that worse to read my bad english:P
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