Lubom, the cleanser

DISACLAIMER: Most numbers if they are mentioned need adjustment. Most mechanics may already exist in the game. Most thoughts may have been written before. Grammar may be laughtable. Thaks for your understanding. **_ **_Introduction_** Hi Summoners, Today I want to share with you something that may give a push to some reworks or new champions. While I have my own champion Lore I doN't think it must be something to brag about. Lore does not balace champions. Mechanics does. So let's see what I have under the hood. GUIDE LINES: - HP regen limited to an area - AP Fighter/Jaggernaut - Area based empowerments **_ **_LORE_** _"Light and life want you suffer for takeing its peace Mists of Sorrow"_ Born on the Blessed Isles. Taken to Ionia. A man worthy of song and ale. He is still not a hero who is known by many. Defiler of death, Bringer of Light, the titels whats given to him by those who tell storys him right. Staff in hand and Chainmail on him makeing the steps nosy and clear. He comes to cleans and purge the evil. Damacia and Noxus both want him sliced up. He is no monk. He is no priest. He is just warrior fighting for true peace. The lost land of blessed clarity. Now the tavern of shadows who want to consume evrything. Returning home to this godless land he gives up the hope for single breath breath. The tryes to claim him but he spits it out. On his step sacred ring of life expanding out. He wants to cleanse the land taht made him. He could just walk and claim it back but the slaves of darkness will destroyit again. He want to fight with his god on his side. To bring back life and destroy the shadows. **_ **_----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ABILITIES-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------_** **_ Passsive - Sacred Ground Lubom is unable to recover HP but he is able to summon Sacred Ground for several seconds after killing enemy units. sacred Ground allows him to regenerate % of his health. Effect does not stack. Champion kills generate a 3 tomes larger area. While on Sacred Ground Lubom Converts some CC to other CC effects. * Slow ---> 50% as effective * Root ---> 80% Slow * Stun ---> Root * Fear ---> Stun The Bread and butter of this charachter. It basically declares a zone as his kingdome and he will keep regenerationg until he is killed out of lane/jungel. Other abilityes will interact with Sacred Ground. **_ Q - Punishment Lubom strikes the ground with his staff. Damgeing all enemy based on their % max HP + [1%/100 AP] but minimum [Some Base Damage] + [100% AP] (maximum damage to monsters must be set) Magic Damage. If he strikes on Sacred Ground, he becomes empowered and gains [%] Attack and [%] movement speed. Resets Auto Attack Timer Cooldown: 8/7/6/5/4 seconds Cost: Mana (undefined) I personally in love "skillshot" melee abiliteies. They allow interesting interactions. It is something like Poppys Q. You smash the stick then you try to do more damage or run out of range of most of the abilityes. **_ W - Purging Passive: Incresses movement speed by [Flat amount] on Sacred Ground. Active: Creates a huge [6 times the base size] Sacred Ground and makeing all active sacred grounds Burn targets for [30% AP] + [Base Damage] Magic Damage for 6 seconds. Movement Speed stacks with Punishment Cooldown: 18/16/14/12/10 seconds Cost: Mana (undefined) Every champion with thisgs that chain with some other passive thing needs a way to generate that thing... AKA If you can't kill units you are still able to generate Sacred Ground. It would be a cool and helping to make the range just as long as the radius of the skill itself. **_ E - Life's Retribution The Staff comes to life. It Grows in lenght and gives Lubom extra range on his attack. It deals [Base Damage] + [30% AP] Magic Damage and Slows the target and mark the target to deal the same damage again if the target get hit by basic attack. In the same time with the activation, All Sacred Ground becomes slowing AoE. If enemys striked on Sacred Ground the slow grows to 90% decaying slowing effect. Cooldown: 10/9/8/7/6 seconds Cost: Mana (undefined) CC to begin a fight. Catch a target and keep hitting it. Simple oldfasioned slow. **_ R - Wrath of the cleanser Lubom empowers himslef. Gains some bonus [%] Ability Power. While Empowered he gains more effects to his abilityes. Punishment ---> Knocks up enemy champions Purging ---> Applyes DoT that last for 3 seconds and have the same damage as Purging Life's Retribution ---> Applyes the Decaying slow to all enemyes whos are on Sacred Ground Cooldown: 2/1.75/1.5 minute Cost: 100/150/175 mana Basically and Olaf Ragnarok or Shyvana Dragon Form. **_ Leave you thought down below I will try to answer comments as soon as possible.
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