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Hello all, I wanted to share with you a champion concept that I made today. I think the only think League of Legend lacks, but is somehow interesting is assassin's who built up crit AD, but yet deal magic damage as well. So let me begin with a short lore... The story of Leopoe: _For decades powerful warriors have been searching to the source of the power called Pherr. A power strong enough to destroy everything breathing just in few minutes. When one day Master Yi finally decided to go search for the power of Pherr, and started his journey, he met Yasuo. Yasuo promised him to tell him the location of the Pherr source if he fights him and wins. After a magnificent fight between those two warriors, Master Yi managed to defeat Yasuo fairly [Without killing him of course]. As Yasuo promised him, he revealed him the destination, but warned him that nobody who went to seek the power of Pherr ever returned alive. This didn't stop Master Yi from going and after quite some time, he finally reached the destination. Huge purple flames were coming out of something that seemed like an ancient power generator, with rune stones all over the place. When Master Yi asked himself " How, how to attain the power of the Pherr " a deep, monstorous voice answered: " **- The power of the Pherr is earned, not gained.**" Master Yi turned around and saw a tall guy with a mask, holding a blade in his one hand and something like seemed like the Pherr energy in the other. Before he could even ask questions a huge Pherr energy wolf came up in front of him. Master Yi had no choice, but to try to fight him. After a long battle Master Yi managed to stab the creature in the eyes, releasing the Pherr energy from it and it haunted Master Yi's weapon. Master Yi realized this was the reward for his victory. He went back to search for the mysterious guy, but he was already gone. On his way of returning he met Yasuo again. Yasuo congratulated him for the victory. Yasuo showed him his new weapon, haunted by Pherr energy, but he asked him one question: " - **As far as I know, the Pherr energy haunts the weapon which the Great Wolflike Beast was killed with. I saw a guy, a very strange guy .. the Pherr Energy came from his hands .. I couldn't believe my eyes, but .. what does that mean?** - "** It means that someone was able to defeat the Great Beast with bare hands**" - Yasuo Answered.. _ __________________________________________ My idea is that if Riot ever deserves to release the champion [which obviously will never happen], Master Yi gets a little improvement to match the lore. At his current form he is kinda weak so he could use an extra buff. Master Yi: His E ability receives an extra bonus to the active. The first attack after he pops up his E consumes the Pherr energy to deal 20% of his bonus AD as magic damage. This should include a good purple animation as well. Enough dreams and expectations, let's get to my champ. []( > As you can realize from his skills, he is an assassin, but not an ordinary one. First let's discuss his passive. He is a Fury champion, but his Fury generates from kills and assists, unlike other Fury champions. Therefore you need to stay active while playing him, which makes him perfect for the Middle-Lane. His passive let's his basic attacks deal magic damage [similar to Zed, I was kinda inspired by Zed as you can judge by his appearance, but that can be changed.] His starting attack damage and abilities tend to struggle to deal enough damage, so this additional magic damage will do the play. This makes him a very strategic pick if you have an overwhelmingly AD team and you want to pick an AD champion. This also puts your opponents to struggle about what to built to counter you. Let's get to his Q. As you see, it's nothing really special, but suits his gameplay very well, as he needs to get closer to his opponents. That makes it very good skill for starting a fight. The scenario is the following : Leopoe pops up his W, jumps in and slows the opponent, then continues to take him down with basic attacks. Attack speed is very healthy for Leopoe. I personally believe a crit/ad build will be the best for him. Something like the old Master Yi builds, before the guinsoo tank meta came up. His W. Since he is a squishy Assassin, he will need some form of shielding. I didn't really wanted to add AP ratio to it, but it might be considered, since full AD champions don't get any bonus from AP boosting buffs, such as the Baron buff, but that doesn't matter that much. The reactivation of the skill to deal a small to medium amount of damage is good for laning phase, if you don't really wanna engage in combat, yet zone control the enemy. His E. This is basically the core ability of his set, which creates most of the gameplay. It's very simple ability, I would personally maximize it first, since maximizing the Q is not particularly useful. ______________ And finally his ultimate. As you notice, this is another utility map control ability, like almost all of Riot's new champions and reworks. I personally don't like the fact that every single new champion get's almost the same ultimate, but since Riot already decided to stick to doing that, I will follow it. The good part about his ultimate is that it can be strategically used, not only on players, but on towers as well. It makes it very good for teamfights, where a single team stun can affect the end result of the game. My thought is that on reactivation the skill activates to stun all enemies some units [I'm not sure how many] around him, rather than making it a point and click spell, where he throws the stun, cause that would be too op, personal opinion. So for example, Enemy team doing Baron, your team is nearby, you use it first to get right near enemies, then reactivate it and make the teamfight. So this is it basically folks, tell me what you think in the comments below, and please arrow up this thread if you liked the champion. Also if you prefer polls, please vote and tell me what you think shortly.

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