Skin Idea: Elemental Viktor

Seen as viktor hasnt had a skin in eons I decided to think of a quick idea, kinda a showerthought tbh. I like thinking of skins when im bored lol. Ok, so it would be 1350tier I assume and his abilities would have different 'elemental' effects. His q: fire: He would have some sort of magnifying glass or lens on his staff tat focuses a sunbeam when he q autos someone. Id imagine it would like quite 'magicky', perhaps some sort of crystal, similar to the lens of [these sunglasses]( His w: ice: perhaps some sort of blizzard zone that freezes people solid when they get stunned, the animation can stay the same when they get dragged to the center. His e: water: some sort of water hose that sprays high velocity water instead of his usual laser beam. Perhaps less powerful lore wise lol, but could look good. His r: air/storm: Basically a big powerful thunder storm zone, perhaps not too different to his normal R, except for a dark cloud hovering above and some wind particles. I think his model would be far more 'DIY' or hextechesque rather than his usual state of the art robotic stuff hes got going on. Perhaps he could look more like some sort of sorcerer or someone that has mixed magic and machine. Im not an artist by any means so I didnt bother trying to create a lackluster concept art, but if someone made a quick sketch that would be awesome! Thanks.
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