Odyssey mission conflict

At first I was hyped about Odyssey and the missions. Now I dislike the mode and just push myself through the quests to claim the rewards. It's not that the mode is bad. I just had to play it and now it is too much. The mission are a good way to motivate players and to push them to their limits. You encourage them to think about playstyles and adapt to the difficulty. But the order of the missions is horrorble. Especially when you are playing onslaught. When I first played onslaught I was instantly forced to play with just three augments. I not entirely sure but i think i had the quest with four augments. however we played with just three. When we won I completed my quest but had to play with three again. For me it wasn't really necessary to just take three augments. Same think happend again but with just two augments. You have to play this really hard mode over and over again, eventhough you already did the mission before but it wasn't active. Can we get (almost) all missions at once the next time? this would have made my experience much more positive. Obviously you would have to delete the part with "or less" in the missions task. And what about the team composition missions? At the moment I try to defeat onslaught with everyone playing the same champion. Those who got the next mission want to play Ziggs or Sona and im fine with that. But then i would have to do it again as mentioned before. And other players want to complete their missions too, for example the only two augments one. So we enter the game and surrender instantly to get new mates with (hopefully) the same mission. Can't we get something like a mission queue? That would make it so much easier to find a team and saves time. Additionally we wouldn't have to dispute with other players. Seriously I was boiling and raging inside (that doesn't happen often) when I said "let's ff the game because I don't want to do this mission again" and some player wrote "don't forget to report him". (I had full augments when they had two) Evnthough I told them I dont want to in champ select. I hope you guys can understand my problems with Odyssey and its mission system. Feel free to add your opinions and ideas. btw english is not my mother tongue... @mods: I had posted this before but on the german boards (was brain afk). Hope you don't treat it like spam.
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