No Aurelion Sol skin yet?

Since his release we havent seen a new skin for our star maker. Jihn came out after him and hes had 2 skins. If the riot team are struggling i can make a few suggestions and have you pole it like illoai. (Nice job on correcting the name btw). With lunar revel just coming out i was expecting a skin for Aurelion sol around this time as a JADE DRAGON. This style would suit him really well. With showering emeralds as stars orbiting him. The clues in the name when i say DARK STAR Aurelion sol as the creator of stars why not the void make him the destroyer. Spitting out black holes and small voids circling. It feels right to make Sol join the ARCLIGHT theme. As the creator of stars he creates light. This style would be really cool as can bring a reall contrast in colours to his classic skin.
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