Ranked Games suggestion for AFK's/Leavers

Since this is has been problematic since forever, and i am experiencing getting people leaving the game at level 4 for trolling, i want to suggest this to Riot for the leavers and afk's. Leaver's/afk for the first offense in Ranked games, Will receive a warning, accepting the terms they will not leave again the game, Second offense, they will be punished with 50 lp lose for afk/leaving the match Third offense, demote a full tier. This will not only make people take ranked games serious, and those who leave/afk the game will get demoted for the league below if you are gold you will be demoted to silver, and so on. This will incetivate people to try to play and to not take the ranked competition has only a fun house. Also the team that lost because of the leaver/afk, will not lose, any lp or mmr due to this specific player. The players that have issues playing this game should read the terms before getting into a Ranked Match, it doesn't matter if your constantly have problems with your computer, or internet it's your SIDE as consumer of Riot Games. ____ Side note, why implement this changes, the game should be played as a team and not individually.. Players should be friendly to each other because they are all on the same match, as everyone is trying there best to win there game! -> There's a surrender function if the team can't reach the win -> there's a remake option after 3 mins -> there's a surrender vote at 20 if the game it's lost > But there's not an option to punish the offender and save the (mmr/lp) for the people that play the game for roughly 30/25 mins trying to win a 4v5. Why shall save lp/mmr for the players that are on a 4v5 situation or 3v5, because it's unlikely they will win a game, neither with the most coordinate team missing an element will cause a defeat. So this players shall benefit of this situation because of player X left for negative behaviour or acting chilldish, he deserves to get punished and the team that's on a 4v5, 3v5 will not lose there lp and mmr for the defeat. If you would like this changes to be on the game, please upvote it so Riot can see this! It will help a lot!
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