Introducing Nethidas, The Ruined King

**WIP you should know, this is purely for fun!** [Here is some really crude concept art]( (im bad at drawing lol) The 'Ruined King' doesn't have a name stated in the lore, so I came up with one for him (pronounced Neth-eye-dus) Lore: WiP (look at kalistas lores etc for some insight) * **Passive - Legacy of the Ruined King** Nethidas absorbs the souls of minions, monsters that he kills, and champions if Nethidas gets a kill or assist. adding to his army of the undying. minions = 1 stack neutral monsters = 2 stacks large monsters = 3 stacks epic monsters and champions = 5 stacks **Eternal Lament** Upon being reduced to 20% of his maximum health, Nethidas summons a blanket of mist in a medium area around him for 4 seconds, afflicting enemies with *near-sight* and drains the life-force of each enemy in the mist, stealing 5% of their current hp over 2 seconds (capped at 180hp per champion) * **Q - Pallid Smite** (low mana) (medium-low cooldown) Nethidas swings his sword {{item:3153}} in a small cone infront of him, dealing *physical damage* to enemies hit. Spectral energy cleaves in a larger cone infront of him, dealing *magic damage* to enemies hit. * **W - Spectral Shift** (medium mana) (high cooldown) Nethidas temporarily shifts out the mortal realm, gaining a large amount of *movement speed* and ignoring *unit collision* while taking *reduced damage*, but is unable to use *basic attacks* * **E - Grasp of Corruption** (medium mana) (medium-high cooldown) Nethidas raises his sword for a second, then calls down a circular zone of dark energy for 3 seconds, dealing a small amount of magic damage per tick. Enemies directly hit by the zone are *slowed* for 2 seconds and have 5% of their current health *stolen* over the 2 seconds. The zone lingers for 4 seconds, enemies that are still in the zone at the end of its duration are rooted for 1.5 seconds. * **R - Wrath of the Ruined King** (150 mana) (180/160/140) Nethidas channels for 1.25 seconds, then unleashes his army of the Shadow Isles. Spectral cavalry charges forward, dealing magic damage and knocking enemies aside. Wrath of the Ruined King gains new effects based on how many souls Nethidas has collected. * 150 souls - The charge now slows enemies hit by 80%, decaying over 3 seconds. * 225 souls - The charge now *ignores* 40% of the enemy's magic resistance * 300 souls - Nethidas also summons one of his undying generals. The general stays near Nethidas and only uses large, sweeping melee attacks, dealing physical damage. The general lasts until death. * 375/450 souls - deals bonus magic damage * **Possible release skins:** * Infernal Nethidas * Arclight Nethidas * Voidlord Nethidas * **buildpath** Nethidas is mainly AP, but can utilize his basic attacks quite effectively for a melee mage. For this reason, it is highly recommended that you buy nashors tooth somewhere in your build. Rylais and spirit visage are also core build items. edit: wording
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