Champ Idea #3 (2 in 1) Dunjo'kyn&Zuri-Masters of the WolfClaws

Champ idea#3 ✨ Dunjo'kyn&Zuri-Masters of the WolfClaws praise yourselves this is gonna be a real Long Cool Topic :D 2 characters champions THAT you *CAN* control all by *Yourself* in a *NEW UNIQUE SYSTEM* #**Quick story and look:** As shen ,kennen and akali are a part of the same Kinkou order "eye of twilight" in ionia Dunjo'kyn is the Master of the WolfClaws clan that had it's own way and traditions to find peace and balance over the land, With his wolf along side him, **"Zuri"** Ionian rare type of wolf capable of creating dark lighting at will , trained by Dunjo'kyn who treat him as a friend not just an animal that does his beading they became a power you must fear. ---- how the character may look like is the second one with the wolf, but the man is a marksman not melee (image made by riot) The wolf looks more like husky but c'mon , chroma skins can make anything am i right? Xd Dunjo'kyn is marksman with a bow and arrow and Zuri is a melee wolf. ---- #BEFORE YOU READ! : (abilities are after this) I :Zuri got new mechanics not like other 2character champs like nunu or kindred , **One** of these **three** abilities command options can be applied: 1-you can **Hold** Or **Press**: **ALT** ((as that there are no self commands in this champ)) Or **SHIFT** to convert the abilities from **Dunjo'kyn** to these of **Zuri's** and play as **2** characters at the same time ((that's what i mean it to be)) ✨✨✨ 2-after Dunjo'kyn uses an ability (let's say Q) Zuri's same ability will be applied ((But this can be more predictable,not what i might use)) 🤺🤺🤺 3- after you cast an ability of Dunjo'kyn it will go on cooldown BUT it will be converted to the ability of Zuri for a short duration to be casted , unless that it will fade ((still, you will be limited not able to command 2 Characters as you like)) ⚔️⚔️⚔️ #Vote for the option you prefer in the poll at the end of the topic!. II : Command stuff: * You can move Zuri by holding **CTRL** and move as zuri normally * Zuri got health and status based on Dunjo's status , Ad,Ap,**HP**,**AS**,Magic resist,Armor,hp regain,etc... If zuri health got to 0 , he untargettably channels becoming unable to move till he reach 100% hp again , on the other hand if Dunjo'kyn dies some cool sad animation will occur of zuri currying under his arm grooming whenever an enemy champion walks by Dunjo'kyn dead body. * If zuri hp is low , he can become out of combat only after **4s** ((of not attacking or damaged not **5s**)) , holding him still will make him regain health quickly , if he moves the regain stops into normal hp regeneration Zuri can only be commanded to cast abilities in Dunjo's basic attack range But can move normally and basic attack at twice his basic attack range * Zuri got vision sight of his own but for smaller range of vision than champions * If you press CTRL+5 zuri will stay still wont move unless u commanded him to move three times or re-press Ctrl+5 , if dunjo became too far from zuri , zuri will automatically break the CTRL+5 stance instantly teleporting to him in dark lightning trail ((like tibbers and annie when they are too far tibbers will teleport to her freaking you out :D )) * zuri will always follow dujo if he got out of his basic attack range unless commanded to max twice basic attack range * lastly zuri can cast his abilities only when he is in dunjo basic attack range , and can still move and fight at twice his basic attack range farther than that zuri can't move . Whew that was too much info thank you for reading it , you can get the abilities easier now --- #**abilities:** #**passive"Instinct":** If both **Dunjo & zuri** are max distance - ((twice Dunjo'kyn's basic attack range)) - far from eachother, after any of Dunjo'kyn or Zuri uses an ability they both gain movement speed for a very short time. #**Q"Named arrow/cross dash"**: **Named arrow:** Dunjo'kyn fires a lightning arrow at a targeted enemy dealing physical and magic damage to the target **Cross dash:** a targeted skill too, Zuri dashes to the targeted enemy if he's far from him dealing ((say 100))Damage ,or! if he was too close or basic attacking the target , he quickly dashes throw him twice in dark lighting returning to his original position in the second dash splitting that damage into the 2 dashes((50 at the first dash and 50 at the second)) slowing the targeted enemy for **1.5s** . #**W"shatter copies/lighting rush"**: **Shatter copies:** Dunjo'kyn shots an arrow as a skill shot in a line ,if it hit enemy champions , monsters or a wall it will shatter into **5** smaller lightning copies in an opposite angle((physics stuff)) that can bounce **2** more times getting smaller and smaller after each bounce * ((yea u cough me like Hanzo Xd , but if this ability got in league of legends it will be very cool and fun to use ESPECIALLY if there were terrain creators like anavia , Oorn , talyah ,etc...)) **Lightning rush:** passive and active * **Passive:** when Zuri basic attacks **3** times he gets **1** lightning rush stack giving him a small attack speed buff (Max **3** stacks) ((passive stack can wear off out of combat but the active can still be casted)), if he fully stacks the **active** can be casted * **Active:** Zuri is crawled with dark lighting making his basic attacks deal bonus magic damage for **5s** then the Active ability goes on cooldown any enemies attacked by the active will be marked by **"electric"** * **Electric effect:** if the enemy target marked with electric got damaged by Dunjo'kyn **Q** or **R** stance will be stunned for **2s** #**E"tricked step/Commanded"** **Tricked step:** Dunjo'kyn will fire an arrow in a long line as a skill shot then dash a small distance to the cursor location ((holds 2 charges)) **Commanded:** Dunjo'kyn whistle to zuri to hop a short distance to cursor position that works only if Zuri was in Dunjo'kyn basic attack range You can recast the ability in **3s** delay to make Zuri hop again a longer line in dark lightning but will take Mana from Dunjo'kyn as a cost slowing enemies were in the path for **0.5s** #**R"Over Limit/Shrouded":** **OverLimit:** Dunjo'kyn inters a stance after **2s** Channel lightning into his bow Lasting for **7s** giving him **More** basic attack range and his basic attacks deals more magic and physical damage , if he attacks an enemy marked with "electric" in this stance by basic attacks or any damaging ability Only in this stance will stun the enemy For **2s** **Shrouded** : Zuri channels dark lightning for **3s** on him and around him creating waves around him that deals magic damage to enemies near him during the channel * (can only be Broken by hard Crowd Control), after the channel he becomes invisible for Max **10s** gaining movement speed during being invisible * The longer zuri stays invisible The longer the ability Cooldown will be His first basic attack or ability on a target breaks his invisibility Marking the first enemy hit with **"Electric"** ---- and that's Dunjo'kyn and zuri ! i always dreamed of a champion that make me think for 2 not for one it will be super hard YES i know but think of the fun you having , the risk is in dunjo's death not zuri he can get back after a delay of regenerating his health back But the risk in zuri will be casting him in and out of fights Hope you like my Idea of a 2 character in 1 selection , Any questions or thoughts feel free to ask me in a comment and i will be pleased to answer them <3 ------ ##**Past ideas :** ___________ Update ! : #Other topics: ##1- Champ Idea#1 Mymorian-The unleashed impelled (9 abilities in one champion) : ##2- Champion idea#2 Miraage - The Darkin Dismay : ##3- Champ Idea#3 Dunjo'kyn & Zuri - Masters of the WolfClaws (2 controllable characters as one pick-able champion): ##4- Champ idea#4 Kunkuro - the Bursted Fists : ##Champ Idea#5 Adrean - the traverser of the dead: #Champ idea #6 Donovan-The Unleashed ! : See you in the Next Champ Idea ;) and stay tuned for any other topics for the Champ Idea series ;)

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