Opinions on new project skins?

Really good job on Pyke,I am very glad warwick got a skin, it's very cool and creepy at the same time, for three others Irelias prestige edition is nice but I don't like project akali and jinx,they need to fix her splash art,many other champions could have looked better. Why not project quinn she fits really well she didn't get a skin in so long...or talon he also could have looked pretty good. Mostly excited for Pyke and Warwick. That Pyke recall is so good, He fits the lore of project very well but I hope doesn't get more skins in some time and I don't think he will,his two skins look nice and now he is getting a legendary,... I think that Jinx and Akali were forced and that don't fit theme really, and they already have so many skins. Hoping velkoz, udyr, rek sai, quinn and others get a new skin,at least shaco got a nice skin finnaly after 4 years.
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