Protect the BOT

ELIMINATE THE ENEMY BOT WHILST DEFENDING YOUR OWN Follow my stream: VV DISCORD/MERCH BELOW THIS LINE OPEN IT UP VV DISCORD: GRAB A BEANIE: Join the sockdrawer and subscribe for more: Follow my (near) daily stream: FOLLOW ME BELOW --------------------------------------------------- TWITTER: TWITCH LIVESTREAM: SUBSCRIBE: FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: REDDIT: DISCORD: Outro: Shawn Wasabi - Marble Soda
_Hello! **Protect the Bot** is a custom game mode and it is played just for fun_ **RULES** The game is played **4vs4 + 1 Bot** in both teams, the objective of the game is to kill the enemy Bot **10 times** while protecting yours The first team to achieve **10 kills** on the Bot wins, and the losing team will surrend, if a team destroys the Nexus before reaching the 10 kills, the losing team wins Every team should pick some champions to focus on **killing** the enemy Bot and some champions focused on **protecting** your own Bot The Bot can be any champion and Begginer or Intermediate, but it has to be the same for both teams _Add me if you are interested! **IGN EUW:** Dyamondis_

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