sheap skins -975 consept for yasuo

A wandering samurai yasuo, with a cone shaped hat like shaolin jax, a samurai kimono, this skin could have the same base modle as HN yasuo for the hate, a sworn like BM yasuo (maybe more ruged looking with wraling on it) or a katana without the tsuba (the katana handguard) Insted of the shoulder sheald, a traveling bag or maybe his kimono would be faling from oneside like hanzo from overwatch, and the covered side would be where the armor should be, or a piece of wooden armor that samurai wore. The animation wold be similar to the base (maybe in greenich color just to diferenciat it from the rest) the back storry would be that of a what if yasuo did not abandon his post and did not becom guilty, a picturing of a free wanderer just roaming throw Ionia with a classic samurai outfit.
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