How to make ARAM competitive without losing its spirit ?

There's recently been an "Ask riot" post about ranked ARAM : I've been playing mostly ARAM recently so I tried to think about what defines ARAM and how to grant it a competitive aspect without loosing the spirit of the game mode. Here's my view of it : > A pool of champion is randomly picked and displayed in the center. The size of this pool should be somewhere between 12 and 16 champions. > Big enough to allow last pick to still have a choice and small enough to see champions we usually don't see in normal games actually played. > > This mode wouldn't have rerolls. Wether or not it should have bans is open to debate, but I think it shouldn't to keep it faster paced and to ensure we still see every champions in the howling abyss. This answers every issues riot pointed at : > We aren' fans of the ARAM accounts that some players make in order to have a more limited champion pool, since that kind of defeats the purpose The common pool would be picked from the complete champion pool >ARAM really isn’t filling the player need of having a way to play League with a shorter game length. ARAM can be short, but it can also be very long, and I’m not sure those long games really feel epic as much as just endless. ARAM can lack decisive moments that can push the game to a close. We’d love to see ARAMs that more reliably last 20-30 minutes, if we can do that without compromising the game overall. This part is trickier. The changes they made to 7.8 are going the right way. But the common pool of champions to pick from ensures that you don't end up with a team of meta champions versus a team of out of meta champs, or an all-in team versus a poke comp. Players would no more blame their loss on the randomness of their pick. This should allow a more stable length for the games. >We know there are some champions whose mechanics don’t really port over to Howling Abyss since they are designed with the Summoner’s Rift map in mind. We’re generally okay with this, because the ARAM mode in general will probably always favor some champions over others, but we do try to take steps for champions that are just ridiculously broken – Bard for instance. My proposition gives no clear answer to this problem, but as riot say themselves it's. There'll always be champions whose kit are not fit pour this map. We all know that ARAM is this funny little mode aside the more serious NORMAL game mode. But I think picking from a restricted random pool would mainly mean less queue dodge, more balanced games while keeping the ideas of randomness and beautiful plays with champions rarely seen in normal game. I'd suggest to try this as a rotating game mod under the name "Random Pool All Mid" to see how that works before making it the new ranked aram if it works out. {{summoner:31}} What are your ideas to make a more competitive ARAM ?
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