How to fix AUTO-combine in TFT

its mainly a complain and a suggestion to make TFT more fun and better. many players and i think ur included (if u play tft ) hate the fact that items auto combine if u pick a character from the carousel with an item and u already have a pair of him on the board in which he will be upgraded and the item is stuck on him. or in a rare case if u have like a double 2 stare sij or leona or brum or anything mainly a 2 of the same units with both having items, if i lvl 3 them the items either gets combined or worse some the items i really need on that character is gone or dropped away from him i know its sounds confusing but bare with me. lets say i have double 2 stare kennens one has a moralio and a ga ( the other have a death cap and a moralio too ) when i lvl 3 him he got double moralio and a death cap which is not what i wanted ) why not simply make it that when u want to upgrade a unit with items .the items on it just drop ? u can just simply re put them or on a better unit. it helps alot. for alot of the times u might need both the item and the champ from the carousel but u cant take it cause u dont want that item on that champ or it will upgrade and auto-combine that pls make all upgrades on a champ with items make the items drop from him, i think its better since u can just simply re-put them on him ty for understanding
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