Death Blossom Jhin

So I am not the first one to make this suggestion here, but I feel like there should be more talking about this skin idea. The game needs more death blossom skins anyways and since we recently ONLY got Elderwood skins (no Death Blossoms sadly) they could release a few death blossoms skins next year to mix it up since there are 6 Elderwood skins I think, and only 2 death blossom only 1 of which costs 1350RP (epic skins price). I personally think that the name "Deathblossom" itself fits jhin because its killing in art what makes Jhin... well Jhin. Especially because he already has flowers on his abilities that explode it would be cool to see him have like a longer (preferably white because Kha'zix's skin is white too) long leave from on his shoulder and a maybe his face on the one side could be "masked" with another flower/leave that covers his face half like the "Trickster Eternal". I know there are other skins that deserve awesome skins like death blossom, but there are many other big skin lines or small ones that could give other champs the chance of getting new skins. Also Jhin recently got a skin, so if deathblossom instead of Elderwood returns next year Jhin could get one, because there are quiet a few champs that get skins each year. Overall I am just in love with this idea of a, how he himself calls him, "Beautiful" blossom killing mastermind making art. Maybe they are already planing on Death blossom skins for next year and IF SO please pleaseeee let Jhin be part of them.
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