Suggestion to increase the play rate of Support

Hey guys, I came up with an idea how to improve the play rate of the Support role (mainly for Ranked Queues). The concept is simple and is kinda a double edged sword: The player who plays the Support role **CAN** receive **BONUS LP** which can be **POSITIVE** for playing well but also **NEGATIVE** for playing poorly. So bad players can't abuse it while great ones will get rewarded. The number can be adjusted but I think that the bonus could be like 1-3 LP (changed from 1-5) for winning only which would be **BASED** on the **Champion Score**. Also people have suggested to add bonus IP, so this system could apply on Normal Games and on the role "Fill", too. So a great allrounder could get bonus rewards everytime. Something like this: **1. For Winning**: * S+/S/S- = +3 LP / +75 IP * A+/A/A- = +2 / +50 IP * B+/B/B- = +1 / +25 IP * everything below = +0 **2. For Losing**: * A- or higher = +1 / +25 IP * B+/B/B- = +0 * C+ = -1 * C/C- = -2 * D+ = -3 * D = -4 * everything below = -5 (Of course those numbers can be adjusted if it would be ever get implemented but for now they just give you a rough idea how my concept would work.) ------ Here are some scenarios to get a better imagination and let's say the players get +20 LP per win and -15 LP per loss: **1. For Winning:** * Player A played really great and got a S+ Rank, he will receive +20 LP and a bonus of +3 LP. (Total: +23 LP / +75 IP) * Player B played really good and got an A Rank, he will receive +20 LP and a bonus of +2 LP. (Total: 22 LP / +50 IP) * Player C played really poorly and got a C+ Rank, he will receive +20 LP and no bonus LP. (Total: 20 LP) **2. For Losing:** * Player A still played really good and got a A- Rank, he will receive -15 LP and a bonus of +1 LP. (Total: -14 LP) * Player B played really poorly and got a D+ Rank, he will receive -15 LP and a bonus of -3 LP. (Total: -18 LP) * Player C was toxic and fed the enemy on purpose and got a D-, he will receive -15 LP and a bonus of -5 LP. (Total: -20 LP) ----------- This system would encourage people to select the support role more often than usual where great support players can get bonus rewards. The bad players won't be able to abuse it as well since you could lose more LP than usual if you perform really poorly. So people like myself would rethink and play support again, but currently I rather to play Mid/Jungle, since I feel like those got more impact in the game than Support. But the question would be now: But what if I get autofilled as support? Since I am such a bonobo on that role, I would get punished by the system so heavily for no reason... Well...just gid gud maybe? Just kidding! The System would apply only for people who have selected the role **FROM THE START ON PURPOSE.** So you would'nt get affected by it. But maybe you should learn to play Support as well? Since the bonus LP would be kinda juicy! That is over all my whole concept, so what do you guys think about it? Good? Bad? Or maybe any suggestions/improvements? Please leave a comment below because I will appreciate it! ------------------ Edit: Ty for your comments! And sorry for the late reply, but I went to sleep immediately after I have posted this. Edit 2: Changed the numbers of the reward. Old one was: **1. For Winning**: * S+ = +5 * S = +4 * S-/A+ = +3 * A/A- = +2 * B+/B/B- = +1 * everything below = +0 **2. For Losing**: * B- or higher = -0 * C+ = -1 * C/C- = -2 * D+ = -3 * D = -4 * everything below = -5
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