Why unranked play with silver ???

I want to ask this question because many of the games i`m loosing is because there is some unranked that has 3 or 4 losts from 4 matches ! What is the idea behind in one of the teams to have unranked ??? if there should be unranked in one of the teams why there is not unranked and in the other team.... I play with people that just go and feed and are not listening ... This is very stupid way of team making from riot . And loosing because of feeder in the team that is not listening to anything is not fun. You post a video that how fun is the game ... well is extremly not fun when you put someone like that in one of the teams !!! Please RIOT ... you are earning your money from the players so please think about them and think about how to make the teams to be as equal as it can ... because the formula 1 good + 1 bad != 2 normals !!! it is like 1 good + 1 bad == 1 normal. P.S. All this staff is making not only me but and a lot of my teammates very angry during game. Think again about your goal that you present in the last video for riot internals that you post recently!
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