Waveclear Attackspeed Item

Hey guys, I just thought about when Jax was a good pick top the last time. And It was when Rageblade gave that AOE AS that would give you Attack Speed and Waveclear. Eventhough the Item was unbalanced as hell, I liked the Idea of a Waveclear Attack Speed Item. Every viable Splitpusher in Pro Play for the last years had a Hydra in its buildpath. The Attack Speed Splitpusher like Yi, Irelia or Jax are not that good with these items and so have lacked waveclear. If we offered these champions a better solution, they would be way better on doing the actual job of splitpushing. if we design the item close to the old bork (pre 7.5), the champions wouldnt gain much of trading potential but would be able to fullfill their role better. Something like that: Itembuild: Tiamat + Recursive Bow + 900g (1200 + 1000 + 800 : 3100g) Stats: 40% AS, 25 AD, Only Melee AOE like Tiamat (maybe a bit more damage) What do you think? Leave a comment. Invalid
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