Huldian, The sword of dragon

Hello summoners. As you can see from title this will be a champion concept with some interesting things in his kit..As we have seen previously riot likes to implement some new things in champ kits(khem zoe).. So a little bit about this guy(some kind of lore) Once just a usual citizen of Ionia, Huldian spent his days wandering around the city and grounds beyond the city borders. Huldian liked to wander around forests and old buildings. But once, while wandering around a nearby forest he spotted a very old building, some kind of a temple that looked like it was abandoned. When going in, he saw a sword, standing on a pedestal and above the pedestal was a huge statue of a dragon. Whae he approached the statue, an old man talked to him."Only those who are worthy may touch the sword" he said. And Huldian touched the sword afterwards being greeted by a mysterious figure. "You are worthy of my power, You are worthy of wielding my sword". And so Huldian is now one of the strongest swordsmen in Ionia and is seeking those who do evil biddings and seek power they don't deserve. Abilities. Passive - The sword of the dragon. Huldian wields the sword infused with a soul of a dragon. Effect - whenever Huldian is out of combat he gains Bonus 25% movement speed. When engaging in a fight with enemy champion he gains 10% base AD bonus instead(bonuses increase for 2% at levels 6/11/16) Q - swift dragonclaw Huldian unleashes two fast strikes that deal 100/110/120/130/140(+0.2 total AD) physical damage. At ranks 3 and 5 the number of strikes increase to 3 at rank 3 and 4 at rank 5.3rd and 4th strikes deal 50(+0.2 total AD)physical damage at all ranks. Bonus attack speed increases the speed of animation. W - Swords guide. Huldian parry's one enemy champions basic attack directing the damage right back at attacker Dealing 50% of the damage that he has parried. If the ability kills the enemy the mana cost and 50% of cooldown gets refunded. E - Retreat Huldian steps back for a short distance and gains 25/30/35/40/45% bonus movement speed for 2 seconds. R - Dragons last wish. Huldian hides his blade for 1 second. Afterwards he dashes forward unleashing a vicious swing in front of him(90 degrees behind him has an area that is not hit) dealing 300/400/500(+0.5 total AD) physical damage to all enemies in the area. The damage is increased by 10% base damage for each enemy champion in abilities range. Visual look.. Huldian looks like this fighter in a long coat and a dragon on his back. he has his sword by his left side and he usually wears a scarf around his neck. his coat is black with jade(slight greenish) colored ornaments on the coat. He is wielding a golden sword with jade(slight greenish) colored dragon ornaments. This is some what of a wierd concept but i still wanted to put it up here because i want to know what everyone else is thinking about this. All critique will be accepted and all opinions will be appriciated.(well not the ones saying all the swear words in this world)

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