Could cross region matchmaking ever be a thing? (QUESTION FOR RIOT)

I was wondering if cross matchmaking could be a real thing in the future? Like NA, EU, KR ETC people in the same game? Or even just EUNE, EUW and lets say TURKISH players in the same game? It could be really cool to even be able to add people from other regions. And for the search bar you could have a "region" filter. And for games you could have a filter in lobbies, the filter would work with "regions" in it so lets say challenger players who might need to sit in queue for 20 mins could enable all regions to get into a game faster? And if cross region players wanna play together they could? I know the server thing might be an issue but there are other games that can do the cross region thing so could league of legends do cross regions some day? -Sincerely Jim.
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