Female character design in LoL

I hope Im not the only one who thinks that all the female characters in league feel more and more boring and bland with every new champion coming out. Im not talking about over sexualizing or sexism in general here.. I just want to point out that female bodies,especially when stylized, can have soo many other forms than hourglass-shaped, slender, legs for days , etc.. Just look at this thread on twitter if you are curious about different shapes : https://twitter.com/masgotcha/status/1138642070900527106 With Qiyanas release, we get yet another female champion with an hourglass-shaped body and nothing more special to her. Even her white hair has become generic at this point. Just look at {{champion:420}} for example. I was so exicted when Riot announced her : She looks so strong ! finally something different ! Or even {{champion:142}} : Childlike with massive hair - You can immediatly feel something special about her character and playstyle by just looking at her I cant think of many other female champs that show variety in style.. I think Riot did a great job with their worldbuilding including all these different regions and ethnicities ! But still , using the same bodytype over and over just makes it feel boring and uninspred. I just hope that they will come up with something different in the future ! Maybe give us another strong queen like Illaoi or maybe even and old lady ! * **Edit:** Ofc I dont count Yordles ,they have to look small,childish by design.. I also dont count Creatures like Rek'sai or Yuumi.. ^( •̀д•́)^ Thx for reading ~Ditzy {{sticker:poppy-wink}}
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