The stars awaken (FANMADE)

This is a story i came up with that could fit if Riot ever will introduce star guardian Urgot (together with Sivir, Darius, Garen and Taric) ○ Under the stars The last battle was ferocious. Jinx was lying on the ground, exhausted, while janna was treating her. Under the sky covered in stars there were hundreds of monster corpses. "This was close uh?" Said Poppy while cleaning the blood from her mouth. She had barely the strenght to bring the hammer. Lulu added "More will come soon. Also tonight they didn't attack only here. " Lux looked at her, so pale.. "Ahri and the others?" "Ye. Probably, i feel it, we have to check them." "They wouldn't like this" shouted Jinx from the ground. "It's true" followed Janna "Also, something is wrong with them" Lux replied "I suppose so. Anyway we should go" "For that guy?" Replied jinx. "No, no" "You liying" said Lulu "Well, not only." Sighed Lux "If it's true more are coming and they'll get stronger, we have to try again to team up and prepare strategies" "i think she's right" was Poppy's answer "Well in the end we are fighting the same enemy" continued Janna "You get a point" said Jinx Lux tought for herself "And now i will show Ahri our situation and the relation we have, i will prove we are worthy to bound together". --- Miss Fortune wad watching towards Ahri. She was sitting near the lake, observing the reflexes of the stars in it. "Not again, not again" she was thinking by herself "It's ok" miss fortune touched Ahri's shoulder "he won't die, Soraka said it's all ok" Ahri's eyes were full of tears. "Sarah" she shouted embracing her. "Oh come on, it all goes well" "I don't want to lose someone again" "I know, we know. I won't let it happen" miss fortune's eyes were lost in the past. Anger and tears covered her face for a while. "I won't" Then she took her composture again. "Now Ahri, time is up. Return the strong leader you are for us. They need you, I need you." Ezreal was waking up. "What... What happened?" He ttied to get up. "Be quiet, i've not finished yet" whispered Soraka. "Be thankful to Ahri" said Syndra. Her face was covered in dust and her clothes were partially ripped off. Blood covered her right hand. "She saved you" she added, with a gentle smile "Ahri!" Shouted Soraka "All ok?" "Yeah, it's all good now. Ez? How is he?" "I am fine, thanks to you" "Not only me, Sarah helped to an also..." "Yeah that thing" continued Syndra "You were out" continued miss fortune "but you were about to be eaten by the big one, Ahri jumped to take you away while i tried to slow him a bit, when suddenly, i don't know from where, a strange light shot ripped the creature apart." Ezreal continued, but from where? Soraka pointed at the woods. They went there. Ezreal found some destroyed branches and trees and the corpses of some creatures, but no footsteps or anything. "Seems like someone helped us" said Syndra... Soraka interrupted the discussion, looking at the stars... "They are returning. Star guardians are returning" "You mean that girl Lux? With her group?" Replied Syndra, then facing Ezreal "Oh well... I suppose. Now that i think of it... The beam was not pink?" "Well it was" concluded Miss Fortune. "If they come, we'll see". ○ Road trip. "Are we there?" Asked Jinx for the ninetieth time "Are we there? Are we there?" Followed lulu, pix on her head. "No, still more than one hour" said Lux Janna was driving, thinking with herself, while Jinx, in the seat behind was beetween Lulu and Poppy. This last one was watching badly at her. "If you ask it again" "You what?" Poppy took her big bag. Jinx looked at it a big scared Poppy with a grin put her hand into the bag, but surprisingly what she took out was... An ukulele. "Let's sing a song" she proposed. "Yayyy" shouted loudly lulu. All of them agreed Jannawas lost beetween her toughts and the song. Too distracted to notice that little deer crossing the road. Luckly she was fast enough to react, but they crashed. Nothing serious, but the had to call for someone. And then he arrived with his big blue Tow Truck. The man who was driving had an angry expression. some scars over his eyes and arms. "I have to bring you all to the city it seems." "There i will repair it. Umpf, come on board" "Can we stqy behind? On the pickup?" Asked lulu. The man looked at her for a moment. His expression softened a bit. "Yeah, sure" Janna and jinx followed her. The wind stormed in their hair. Inside the pickup poppy and lux were speaking with the man. "You gotta be careful. One error and you are gone. Forever" His glance was dark and deep in the mirror. Then he turned back pointing at one of his scars. "This. Was my mistake, but phisical wounds are nothing" "Whatever. Look at the road!" Shouted poppy "Oh yeah right" "Anyway you can repair to your mistakes" replied Lux "Sometimes. Like this time. Shorty, referring to poppy, you said you crashed whilesinging. Take the ukulele again. I like to sing and radio doesn't work these days" "Well sure, mister!" "Oh right! I am so stupid here! My name is Lux, this one is Poppy and the three behind are Lulu, Jinx, Janna" "In which order?" "Height" The man laughed. "Name's Darius, it's a pleasure. What are five girls like you going to do in the city?" "We have to meet some… friends" "Oh, i understand. And where, exactly?" Lux looked at Poppy. She answered her glance. "Where?" They arrived after one hour. Enormous buildings everywhere, restaurants, gardens, elegant people everywhere. These things passed away under the eyes of the excited girls. They stopped in a suburban area, in front of a crumbling building wich a sign where was written "workshop" "Garen! Open the door!" The box opened after a while, inside there was a smiling young man, in a green worksuit. "Hey Darius! What do we have here? Some young ladies uh?" They made presentations. "Ok… it will take at least one day to repair it. We could host you here, but i don't hink this is a good place for girls like you." "Besides" continued Darius "You have to meet someone, right?" "Yeah, old man" said Jinx "Mister Darius" continued Janna "Where could some girls of our age meet in this city?" Darius looked at Garen "The city center, the main avenues, the parks." Said Garen. And gave them directions to go. ○ A mysterious guy Syndra was walking in the avenue, observing the people, lost in her toughts. "Last night was a close one. I fought well, but still, if i just was stronger, if i could unleash more power. Those girls are strong. I see it in these eyes, they have experienced defeat, like me. Maybe Ahri will help me" Her toughts were interrupted by loud voices. A big group of teenagers was walking. Syndra could hear the sound of photos being taken. In the middle there was an handsome man walking with nonchalance. He was wearing a purple suit opened at the chest, with a white shirt under it. He had a necklace with a bright gemstone. His smile was breathtaking and he was spreading kindness and masculinity at the same moment. It seemed he was a famous model from the newspaper virls and boys were giving him to sign. There were many pictures of him posing with different clothes. Syndra watched a bit, thenshe returned to her toughtsz walking away. Suddenly tough a hand touched her on the shoulder. It was the man. "Excuse me, madame, but i couldn't not notice your eyes." Syndra felt awkward. She kept him at distance. "I don't kmow who you are" From the crowd. "She doesn't go" "Shame! Taric don't speak with her!" But the man apologized "Pardon, how outrageous by me, my name is Taric, may i have the pleasure to know the identity of this lady?" "S-Syndra" "Delightful. Well Syndra, may we have a walk?" Syndra didn't know what to do, but agreed. Taric called for a taxi and they stopped at an enormous building. "You live here?" "In a flat. Last floor." Tbey took the elevator. Syndra felt qwkward, but Taric seemed to understand her toughts. "Don't worry, i want to speak. I know who you are." His eyes were serious for the first time. Almost angry. "What do you mean?" They entered a modern flat with a beautiful sight on the city and the hills. Sunset was coming, the sky was orange They took seat in a sofa on the balcony. "I know who you are. I know who you all are" he repeated. "And i know your toughts" he added Syndra went on the defensive. "And what would these toughts be? And who should i be?" "You Are a starguardian" Syndra was surprised. "And about your toughts... Well look" and with his hand he showed the sunset, the landscape. Sounds of the city were coming, laughs, cries, clacsons. After there were woods and a river and the ocean far far away, bright in the light. Her heart softened a little "Syndra you trust only yourself. Maybe. You didn't ever let your comrades help you." She was sleepy and tired. "Return tomorrow, same hour" She fell asleep. The next morning she woke up, in her bed. Soraka's eyes over her. "Hello Syndra, is it all ok?" Miss fortune was at the door "Yesterday a guy brought you here. A handsome one should i say." "He's just a man i met" "He was so kind." Said Soraka "How he spoke, how he moved, so graceful." "Where is Ahri?" Asked "Not here." Replied Soraka "Ez was missing and you too, so yesterday night she went out to look for you both. And she's not here" Miss Fortune was angry. "Listen Syndra. I know Ahri well and more than anyone else, if you or someone else will cause her troubles, i won't forgive." Syndra tried to reply, but Soraka interrupted. "Stop this. Right now, we have more important stuff. Also i dreamed again about the star guardians returning. And not only that, a huge swarm is coming, i've never felt such darkness." In that moment someone knocked at the door. They were Ahri and Ezreal. "Ahri, you are back!With Ez" "Yeah, and Syndra?" Syndra showed herself. Ahri breathed deeply "I found Ez, sleepinv in the park. Why were you there?" "It's relaxing" "At least you could inform us" "Sorry, when i lived here alone i spent many nights this way" "But now situation is changed" interrupted Miss Fortune. "Also... It feels embarassing living in your house if you are not here" added Soraka. "I'm sorry, i'm sorry. I won't repeat this" "And you, Syndra" The young woman repeated what she said before. ○ Losing ourselves "Where...Where is Jinx?" Lux panicked "She was here just a moment ago" said Janna "There was a sweets shop, we can see there" "This city is so big" Lux sospired "Well you all remember how to return to Darius' workshop? We could devide" Proposed Poppy "I don't think it's a good idea, i could get lost" Lulu suggested while poking lux. Lux was watching Janna, looking at the sky and wandering "Yeah." She grabbed the lost thinker and said. "I go with Janna and you with poppy. At nine we'll meet at the workshop." The group splitted. Lux and Janna entered the sweet shop, but there wasn't Jinx there. The crowd was enormous and chaotic, there were too many people. Lux was afraid, but Janna calmed her. We'll find Jinx, it's just a matter of time. Time passed, but no traces of Jinx. The two were in the park, lux on a bench and Janna at her side, she also was starting to be worried "Hey Lux!" Sounded a familiar voice. Was Ezreal, Ahri with him. "Oh hi Ez! Ahri you too" Lux tried to put on a smile. "What are you doing here? Soraka was right then" inquired Ahri "We are here to ask you to join forces. Again." "And where are your comrades, again?" Replied cold Ahri. She continued, seeing Lux face, softer. "Listen Lux, i respect you, we are in the same situation, we fight the same things. But the problem is that i can't trust you. I mean i trust your intentions and feelings, the problem lies in your skill. As a leader and a guardian" These words hurted Lux, deeply. Janna tough couldn't stand this. "Listen up, Ahri. You don't know anything about us, you are just blabbering stuff. We got lost because of the extension and chaos of the city. Lux, here, is my friend and leader and protected and saved us many times." "Yet, based on my judgement.." "Your judgement is not important. Also it's about power we are speaking. It's simple. You could not trust us, but we share our mission and together we are surrly stronger. Also, it could just be my word, but Lux is strong. Really" Lux was moved and felt a bit stronger by her words. "Ahri listen, i know a big invasion is coming. Soon, it's now or maybe never" Ezreal interrupted "Ahri, maybe we should listen to them" "I decide, i am the leader. Bye, i appreciate your interest Lux, but for now, it's a no." Her heart was sad, but had to disguise sadness with anger. "Ahri, wait! At least if you meet Jinx, please, can you tell her to come at this workshop?" Replied lux giving her the address. "Uhm, ok, seen?" And went away. "I will try to speak with her, Lux. It has been a difficult period. Give her time" "I appreciate it Ez, but i feel this won't change. I have to insist, but now i have to find Jinx." "I can help, we can look for her together." "You two. I will go alone. Lux i won't get lost, i promise. It's better this way, more chances." And went away with a blink that only Lux noticed. ○ In the park "Darn, i don't know how to do this. Jinx is lost again, Ahri won't accept our request, an invasion will come" "Somehow things will go well." "Sorry Ez, didn't mean to bother" "You are not" then he continued "This park is really big, i come here often. It will take some time to search for her." "Let's start then." after a while she asked "You are from here?" "Yes i was born in this city, anyway as soon as i was able to i started to run away. First from my house to the park, then from the city to the world. I love freedom. I love to explore" "Freedom often sacrifices other feelings" said a feminine voice. "Sorry couldn't but hear" said a woman that was reading a newspaper on a Bench "Hello, my name is Sivir." "Your parents weren't worried about you running away? How many friends have you left behind to go away? I was like you, and i regret my past." "Still freedom is part of human's nature" "Also bonds are. A compromise is required" The woman had long black hair, was beautiful and had and after she took of her big black sunglassses showed an aggressive and strong expression. Her face showed traits of deep feelings, felt truly and strongly. "Feelings can hurt" "Surely they can" said Lux before the woman could reply "But it's part of the life. Anyway i have to say that freedom is one thing and running away from life is another one." "Well you have a point" said Both Ezreal and Sivir. "But anyway" continued the guy, referring to the woman "Why are you telling me this? Why did you start this conversation in the first place?" "I am sorry i overheard, but as i said you reminded me of my past self, just this. Let me add one thin before going. I lost many people before realizing it, some have died, others are just gone. All this because i never considered them important. And after they went away i understood they were. I advice you to not make my same mistake. That's all." The two watched the woman walking away. "Such a strange person" whispered Ezreal "A it awkward the conversation, but i feel like she was really into what she said." "Surely her words have a weight. Anyway. How is it going these days? You are still all alive uh?" "Yeah, but the other day was terrible, we barely made it out." "It's becoming more difficult day after day." "I am afraid one day we won't do it." "We have to get stronger so that this day won't come." "That's why i have to convince Ahri" "I understand." More than one hour passed it was getting late. "The time runs away fast when you enjoy spending it uh?" Said Ezreal "Yeah, it was really relaxing, tough we didn't find her." "I suppose we should search in the city, but shouldn't you go to the garage you mentioned before?" "Oh yes, can you bring me there?" "Of course, but first let's wait your friend Janna here" Before Janna returned they spen another hour together. ○ Pub and pancakes Ahri was lost in her thoughts, walking without knowing where she was going. The memories of long ago were returning, the fear of losing someone, the fear to bond, the pain. "I will complete this mission, i will walk my path. Alone if necessary. I will not let anyone else die." Terrible images were forming in her head. She bumped into someone. "S-sorry" said "Hey foxy girl how ya goin?" It was Jinx. She noticed her interior struggle. "Hey hey, it's all ok?" Ahri was able to disguise her feeling and find her usual attitude. "Yes, yes, hi Jinx" "Are you sure? What are you doing here?" "I was taking a walk." And added, with a grin "and you? Lux is looking for you." "I got lost. Damn this city is enormous, i just stopped a bit and i didn't see anyone anymore. So frustrating. I don't like you, but at least you are someone i know." "So you don't like.. me?" Ahri was a bit surprised, for the fact and for the honest expression of her toughts. "Yep, you think too higly of yourself, it's so damn obvious" then continued "Oh you are strong, of course, but you can't do everything by yourself. I know this very well, now. So stupid to think this" Ahri didn't like to becalled stupid. "Anyway lux told me to tell you, in case i would've met you to meet at Darius' workshop, in Noxus street 16." "Oh well, where is it?" "I don't know" "How?" Jinx was surprised "It's not like i've been living here for a long time. It started when Ez became one of us. He's rich so he hosts us in one of his houses. But now i'm lost. Here. With you" Jinx couldn't but notice her disappointment "Well, let's ask" The neighborood was not so friendly. Night was falling and a few people still remained on the streets. Crawling buildings and abandoned house described a sad zone of the city. Nobody seemed a good person in thwt fog and the few people who tried to help said the place was too far. Jinx took a seat on the stairs next to a door, her eyes lost in the fog. Ahri stood next to her. "And ifi'm stupid, How is Lux?" "She's the same. But i respect her. Damn i like that girl, she takes care of us in a way.. i don't know if you could understand, but.. HEY IT'S A PUB. We can ask there!" "I am not so sure.." but followed the enthusiast girl, just to regret the idea the moment the door closed behind them. Dark eyes, bad people playing cards and drinking. Men with scars speaking and whispering inside clouds of smoke. At the bar a short, bald man, with the head full of wounds and tatoos on his left arm was speaking with Jinx. "Noxus street? Mh. And why two girls like you should go to a place like that?" He turned on the other side to take a glass and the two girls saw his right arm was missing almost totally. It was not so easy to distingyish, since he was short and the bar so high. "My friends are waiting me there" "Oh, friends, interesting." He smiled. "Jinx we should go" whispered Ahri "No wait, this man knows where to go." "Your ftiend here is right, mistress. But first wanna eat something?" "Nono, we have to go." "And i think some pancakes will keep you here" at the word pancakes Jinx's eyes sparkled and, with big surprises also Ahri's. "With maple sirup and sparkles?" Asked the girls in choir, before looking at each other with a funny face. Then they laughed loudly. "With Sirup and sparkles, you can say that! PANTHEON! DOUBLE PORTION OF PANCAKES!" "He's the best baker i've ever met. Damn he's good. PANTHEON LET'S SAY THREE PORTIONS!" The short man was funny. "well let's speak. Why in the world two girls like you are in a place like this." "I got lost, and Ahri, here was trying to help me." "And why did you get lost?" "Weeell i was with my group of friends, but i stopped at a sweet shop for a moment. Then they were disappeared" "Hey, listen up you... What did you say was your name? " "Jinx" "Jinx, listen. How did you get lost this way. It's obvious. You didn't even pay attention to anything" he was serious and a bit angry. "A mistake in this world, and you are out. Also you put your friend in danger. Luck was for you that you entered me, but another pub and probably you wouldn't have made it out alive. You could've condamned you and your friend here, Ahri, to death. If you are so reckless one day or the other you will make a false step. Pancakes should be ready, take a seat." While they watched him going to take the food they noticed: he was on an electrical wheelchair. No legs visible. The two girls took a table. The man returned with three piles of delicious pancakes all cqrefull brought on his left arm. "how should we call you?" "Urgot is my name" "May ibask something?" "It's about my legs, it always is." "How did it happen?" "War, war takes everything you have" then added "sorry for before, but i've seen myself in you. When i was a soldier i enjoyed fights. I threw myself into them without thoughts. I had a group of comrades, you know? That night was too much. I thought i was enough to protect them. I tought i was strong, but it wasn't enough. But hey, don't wanna speak only of myself, why you came to this city? It seems you are not from here." Jinx was eating a bunch of pancakes st once, they were so good. "Oh right, we came here... To meet these other friends" showing Ahri. "Right, Ahri did Lux convince you to Join our... Our Band?" Ahri was really appreciating the pancakes. They were so soft and tasty. "No. I refused. I understand it could be better, but i can't trust your skills" Jinx burned instantly "Our skills? How do you dare, little foxy girl" "I can. And i am free to refuse." "As i was saying" interrupted Urgot a bit tired "You cannot do everything on your own. You can be good or whatever, but surely not enough. If you trust others, if you cooperate the result will be better. In my case i should've listened to them instead of jumping in the fight. I lost everything there. They died to save me, to protect what remained of me. I remember the arms of my last friend taking me to a safe place wbile the others covered the retreat. It was my fault, and i accepted it." His eyes were so deep and sad. "Ohi girls sorry, didn't mean to make you sad. These are just war tales of long ago. And anyway now i have new friends. Also if we don't meet so often we share deep bonds. Anyway i'll call you a taxi, Noxus street is far away." ○ Blackout Poppy and Lulu were outside the workshop, conversating with Garen. "So you have to sleep here? There is dust everywhere eh" "It's ok, i think" replied Lulu "Yeah, if it's only for today" continued Poppy "I will prepare the room a bit at least." Garen entered. "Where are they all" Poppy was biting her lips "Poppy."said Lulu "Mh? Lulu what's up?" Lulu's eyes were big and bright "It's now" Suddenly a blackout. The whole city was dark and silent. "They have come" Then an earthquake and everywhere green glimmering fissures opened, the ground cracked, the streets splitted in half, cars destroyed, building crumbling. They started to go out. Hundreds of them, thousands of them. While Garen was inside the two yordles transformed, launching themselves in the fight. Ahri and jinx didn't speak in the taxi, both were watching at the citylights, thinking about what Urgot told them. Suddenly there were no more city lights. All dark and black. The two exited the taxi. They understood the situation immediately. After hiding in a narrow street they transformed. A giant creature, with fangs and claws was slowing marching trough the road, surrounded by many little ones. The had sharp schyte like arms and were flying everywhere. Shiro and Kuro started their favourite hobby. While Ahri dashed inside the swarm disgregating as many enemies as she could. "Ahri, let's slowly retreat!" The girls were clearly outnumbered, especially when some other big ones started coming out from the ground "Ok, but where?" Miss fortune and Soraka immediately exited Ezreal's house after the earthquake. "Dammit, in a moment like this. Where are the others?" "We should go and find them" "Let's clear our way" Soraka's powers entered Miss Fortune body, enpowering her reflexes and spirit. They marched trough the main avenue, leaving a trail of dead carapaces. But then from the top of many buildings laser beams and projectiles started bombarding the two girls, forcing them to hide. Janna, Ezreal and Lux were in the park when it started. The battle trough the trees was ferocious. Janna kept enemies at distance while lux and ez killed them one ofter one. They continued to come, more and more. Suddenly another earthquake and a gigantic bug like being appeared from the ground. Lux had already faced a similar creature andvwas worried. She didn't think twice about it and channelling her energy trough the staff shot her best attack to the monster's head. Ezreal followed her with his light blue energy wave. The two attacks pierced trough the shield like skin and went to the sky in a beautiful combination of colours and light. Everyone noticed that. Now they had a direction, a ray of hope to follow. Everyone. Syndra was at Taric's flat again. The two were speaking. "How do you know i am a star guardian?" "Please, take a seat." They were again on the balcony. "I've been observing you and the others. I have no bad intentions, i am your ally. Or better i should say i am an ally of the starguardians. And you?" "Of course I am" "Very well. Would you like hot chocolate?" The autumn wind was cold and peaceful. "Yeah, thanks" "Your friends will need you." "They are not my friends" "And shat are they to you? Underlings? Tools? When time comes you'll have to decide what they are. Because for them, at least for some of them you are important. And you know well." Syndra didn't want to speak about this. "And you what do you want from me?" "Nothing, just to make you reflect. What are you protecting? What are you fighting for?" Suddenly, the blackout. It was night outside, but the landscape was totally dark now. No city lights, no sounds. Peace, the air was quiet, clean. "Syndra, only in the deepest darkness the far away stars will bright. I have to check what's happening, i'll return." Syndra stood there, on the couch, watching. She felt the earthquake, she saw some enormous creatures appear in the city below. She finished drinking the chocolate. It was so sweet and hot. She looked at the sky and blocked there. With only darkness many more stars appeared there. It was full and bright, it reflected in her opened wide eyes. So many tiny stars were showing up. Syndra knew they were enormous, but they were far far away. It was an incredible spectacle, a blanket of stars that enveloped Syndra in a hot hug. One single tear fell from her eyes. She smiled and watched the city. She saw Lux's laser. Syndra transformed. "Ahri will be there. They will be there. My… my" and jumped in the air to the battle. Taric returned just a few seconds before she jumped, and smiled. "Seems i have to prepare too uh?" He tought to himself. ○ Starlight The empty shell of the creature fell. "Nice shot Lux" "You too!" "There are more" interrupted Janna. Earthquake after earthquake more of those giants appeared, and also many other repelling monsters. Some started to turn around the three, Preparing to jump. A gigantic Poppy made her way trough them just in time, with Lulu on her shoulder. "I always wanted to know how you feel being taller." "Luux, Janna, we're here" said Lulu "Still no Jinx?" She's here said a soft voice, was Ahri "Watch your back and Head down!" Shouted the girl while annhilating some spitting creatures dashing trough them and pulverizing. The guardians crouched while shiro and kuro in a whirlpool of destruction landed with a big explosion onto the nearest giant. "That was a nice shot!" "Sur it was" replied Ahri "And yours too, Lux, we had a light to follow." "I was in there too" added Ezreal "Yeah, you're right." On the half of the way to reach lux and the others Syndra saw many laser beams focusing into one point. Miss fortune and Soraka were cornered. She changed direction and sped up, obliterating the nearest monster with An explosion of multi. "Let's do this." She started to repel and shatter and some started concentrating on her. Miss Fortun had the possibility to open fire again and used it. While closing distances the three were able to open a breach to go towards the signal. Miss fortune and Syndra stopped for a second, observing each other, at ten meters of distance. Then Syndra saw hit. From the darkness emerged another one of the insects with sharp schytes. Jumping to Miss fortune and Soraka. "Sarah, Soraka, behind you!" Miss Fortune was fast. Soraka blocked it in position and with a precise shot it had no more head. "I tought i told you Sarah is for friends" "I think i heard that. Let's move!" "Thanks Syndra !" said Soraka with a smile. The three reached the others, but the situation was not so beautiful. The giants were closing distance, Poppy strenght was missing and Ahri too seemed not so reactive. Jinx was unleashing all her firearms arsenal and Miss fortune joined her immediately. Janna was treating an exhausted Lux. Laser and beams were shot towards them. Lulu was defending while Ezreal was sniping the creatures with thentacles, but more and more were appearing. Then the nearest building collapsed, and behind it an enormous creature, bigger than the gigantic ones they were facing appeared. It was a wormlike monster with three heads and many eyes. His legs crashed cars and threes while moving. He seemed not to care of his alies that were killed while walking. Hope was lost in everyone's heart. Syndra charged her powers and unleashed all her energies toward that creature. She opened a big hole in his chest, but it didn't stop. It enraged. Fear took position in their hearts. Hundreds of monsters around, some giants and one colossus. And no energies left. Desperation. Jinx fell on her knees. Lux took her hand. "Get up" "We cannot to this" "Get up, we have to." "Lux is right" said Poppy "We cannot stop" "We won't stop" added Lulu "It's our duty and destiny" Janna was sad, but smiled. "Jinx, let's give our best till the end" whispered Ahri helping the girl to get up. "I think i am into this" shouted Ezreal while cleaning his lips from blood. "We'll take all that we can" desperation could be heard trough Miss Fortune voice. "Until the end" Soraka's eyes were full of tears, but also of determination "We have to win." finished Syndra "Oh that is a good way to speak!" Shouted loud a voice. From the stars a gigantic sword cut on of the heads of the monster. "Isn't it true?" said a Garen dressed in a green bright armour, coming out of the dust with a smile. "Sure it is" A bright figure jumped high, towards the other head. It wasn't easy to distinguish because of the brightness of the stars that were acting as a headlight on a stage. The monstrous head was split in half and a imposing darius made his way towards the girls killing the monsters meanwhile. His blue axe glimmered in his movements. "This reminds me of that time" On the right of the group many enemies were cut in pieces while Sivir was running trough them "We lost comrades against one of those." She said when she stopped, her red spinning blade in hand. The creature with a loud scream spitted acid on the guardians "You told this story many times, guys, you are getting boring" A shield blocked the acid the moment it reached the group. "They said there was a party tonight, but i didn't expect this kind" Taric was there, glowing of a dark elegant purple. Around him a whirlpool of little stars. In a hand an hammer of the same colour of his necklace. "I lost something else in that fight. And since i am old i will repeat that story as many times i want" said a voice from behind. "And now.. Fall, disgusting creature." Urgot shot a pink projectile that was stuck into the creature's body. "I said fall." Two glowing chains departed from his strange six legged structure and started to pull the creature where the projectile was stuck. It fell. "Bigger they are, easier to be hit". "Let's finish the work" yelled Sivir "Charge!" "We'll speak later" added Taric answering the interrogatiev eyes of the group. The battle continued for more than an hour. The guardians were hurt, many times, but they always rose, again and again. "You have nice weapons there!" Said Jinx to Urgot while admiring his gatling reaping the invasors into pink sparkles "Yours are interesting too, and look at the fireworks!" said pointing at Miss fortune. She was smiling, trough the blood coming from the scars, back to back with Ahri, shooting hundreds of projectiles over the swarm. In the end they were again on the grass. Exhausted. "The war in which i lsot my comrades" started Urgot "Is the same war you are ighting now, also if i am a bit older." "Me and Sivir were with him since then" continued Darius "while Taric and Garen are new" "Not so much new, eight? Ten years?" "Something like that yes" "I lost my legs, but stars gave me the possibility to continue the fight. For vengeance and for duty. I knew my errors, i had to change." "These guys here" said referring to his legs and structure "are really full of surprises and perfect for each situation. I lost the couunt of the enemies" "But what are you doing here?" interrupted Lux? "I have a pub" "I am a model" "We have a garage" "I took a pause from work" "Yeah we know this" said Poppy "What Lux meant was" "Our duty is not finished." answered Sivir "And new guardians could need some help. Those things" continued Darius referring to the enormous corpse "Were commmon in the past. If they are returning things will get more difficult for you." "But how did you know about us?" asked Soraka "I am really good with starlight and it's magic" anwered Taric "After the recent events we were able to track you and to observe" "If more of these are about to come. We have to team up" finished Ahri lookind towards Lux "Indeed" she smiled. "Now now, let's do presentations" interrupted Ezreal "I am Ezreal" "I'm Taric, it's a pleasure" "Lulu, this is my name" "Jinx"… While the others were speaking Lux and Ahri were watching the sky. "It's so beautiful uh?" "So true."
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