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Riot plz. (Features I Would Like to See in League)
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(This is not me, credits to Necrit) I loved his concepts, they are same as mine! Riot will start losing players to new-coming games because every game is doing better for their players and making new options and features every couple of months, unlike Riot. Riot is focused on champion balancing (but there will never be true balance), gamemodes (that is every 3+ months) and new champions (every month+). I don't see why only these couple of things when there are so many other things to do, the 'little things'. Yes, those 'little things' would be even more fun to see rather than playing same gamemodes over and over. Imagine some new **themes** for the map, based on lores, like Noxus, Freljord, Piltover... All of these have a different styles and themes which would look amazing. Another thing that Riot is focused currently is **Cooperative gameplay **(Dynamic Queues, premades). I've always had in mind co-op situations so you can have fun with your best friend in League, everyone has a rl friend on league, everyone! Imagine you, playing with your friend, beating some jungle camps, beating a few AI controlled champions. Those situations would be based on lores as well, just as Necrit suggested, TF and graves, the thiefs, robbing in Piltover or somewhere... There are million more situations like these. Me, as a guy who likes watching/listening to lores, and all others same like me would really enjoy this. League of Legends went too far with _Competitive play_. I hate playing league at the day because of those 'kids' who rage or cry for every death or kill steal. They actually rage in Normal games, just imagine them in Ranked games... **"It's only a game! Why you have to be mad!?"** :)
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