Midnight Soraka (Skin Concept)

Midnight Soraka skin concept
I thought it would be cool to make a mysterious, elegant skin for Raka. I used a similar color palette from the Midnight Ahri skin. Midnight Soraka skin concept
I just stumbled across this while browsing deviantart, and oh my god, Riot.. PLEASE make this skin happen. PLEASE <3 It's _perfection_. _____ I personally like it so much because the outfit gives a combination of leggings and a skirt, rather than seeing a whole dress as we so often see on Soraka. The turtleneck and the "shoulderpads" looks absolutely brilliant, too. Most of all, the colours used aces this skin! Combining different shades of blue, purple and silver; spot on. And in general, the theme of this skin feels in tune with Soraka. (If this has been posted before, I am sorry. Although, this skin is worth stressing over!)
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