Chests for additional S grades onthe same champ?

I love to play tanks on top or in the jungle. S-grades on those positions, or boxes do not come hard, and it's fun. The problem starts when i have to pick supports to get more boxes. You see, Riot, it would not be a problem if the game had some osrt of IQ requirements. But it's hard to get an S-grade on a support if your ADC walks into deeath expecting you to heal him for 1000hp/s, feeding constantly and making enemies sniff you. So, after a dozen of so matches with mentally impaired teammates, i ask you - will it ever be possible to get more than one box on the same champ? Otherwise, excelling with this champ is pointless, aside of ranked tryharding. I would happily tank everything for my team as tahm/sion/naut, stun everything in sight as sejuani/braum but if i want a box i have to play something that is either unreliable or depends on teammates. And this is where problems are.

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