New Skin Line: Knights of the Round

The idea is to have full body armor champions that imbodies the knight of the round from the Arthur mithos: - champions must be armed with a mele traditional weapon (sword, spear, axe, shield...etc) no weard ass weaponry like kayn sythe or qiyana don't know what that is called blade. - weapons can be legendary weapons like excalibure, magicas swords, holy or demoniac - champion must be covered from head to tow with armore, being it plate or chain mail, no facial features must be aparent. - weapon must be medieval weapons or at least look like one. - champions that alredy have knight skins or are knight can't be included. - all skins have the symbol of the "kingdome" on some part of their armor Theme of the skinline: Albey it is a more subtile skinline with litle sparkles and gliter, it is still a fantasy of sword and magic, with each champions in it being (once) considered a Hero in this world, also even tho this skinline will only incorporat knight figurs, other champions of different roles do exist in the univers such as leblanc and shivana etc. Potantial skins: Kight of the round Yasuo: - his armorresemble that of lancelot from Fate/Grand Order or Igris from solo Leveling. - his "Hair" is the Feather that come of his helmet, and folow the size and shape of the Battle boss skin. - his sword is a medieval two handed double edged straight sword, not curved, and has a cross + shaped armguard. - he also weard a riped off cape/scarf that hang around his neck similarly to ELSWORD's Elsis Dark Knight does, it also has the simbole of the kingdome on it. Backstory: being acused of King Arthur murder, Yasuo find himself a runnaway, hunted by his once brothers-in-arms, but his true purpose is not to clean his name, but to get rivenge on who kiled his king, even if that mean throwing his honor in the dirth. Kight of the round Pantheon: - similar to yasuo, his helmet also has a feather hanging from it, albey much smoler. - his full body armor has a big rip in the middle were his bas skin was stabed by Aatrox. - his spear can ether be a fancy medieval spear or a halbert. - his cape has the simbole of the kingdome on it. - his shield is similar to the one the black prior has in For Honor. Backstory: N/A Knight of the round Riven: - her sword is a holysword that if activated by a prayer can turn into a blade of divin light, it's name is Excalibur by the way. - insted of having a giant glove on her left hand, she has a smole shield like Goblin Slayer that shine when her passive is up. - unlike yasuo and pantheon her armor is nether durty or damaged, a shiny clean rich kid armor. Backstory: N/A sry gota go will finish tomorow
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