[Skin Concept] Ironforge Taliyah

First of all I would like to say, I am not great at art, but its not super shabby, {{champion:163}} but [**Here is my Ironforge Taliyah Concept Art**](http://imgur.com/a/8JNsq) I wanted to make some sort of metal version of Taliyah, So I decided something to do with a furnace/hot metals. This is mostly just recolouring because I'm not good at figure drawing, but there are furnace slots in her sleeves that are glowing a hot orange, as are her floating wristbands. She has my best attempt at a Mohawk and is wearing welders goggles. I would like to change the texture of the stone armour she has around her shoulders, perhaps to make it have a metallic texture. On her back there would be some sort of small furnace attachment. * Her abilities Her Q has changed to firing red hot iron rivets with some slight 'molten' particles trailing behind. Her W now makes a large piston erupt from the ground and would have the sound of steam being released. Her E lays an area of sharp metal spikes that erupt from the ground. Her R now creates a twisting path of metal. Preferably the metal would be red-hot while the wall is travelling, and then cools to a dull silver and grey when the wall has finished travelling. It would be amazing if somebody could make some improved art of her, this is the best I can do :P I have some more art on my LoL profile (EUW) @Spooky Memes 69 (dont judge) Feedback is appreciated, I just do it for fun as I like coming up with new ideas for skins/abilities.
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