PROJECT: Ekko (Skin Concept)

PROJECT: Ekko PROJECT: Ekko has a red and dark theme like PROJECT: Yasuo has. Head: Ekko has a helmet with a red moon shaped area on the mask where he looks out from. His mohawk is white and sticks out from the helmet. Body: Ekko has a metal suit with red glass running down his chest at some points. His shoulders have shoulderpads with red spikes on them. Legs: Ekko has a belt with the time rewinder hanging down from it. The time rewinder is red and has glowing essence flowing through and around it. His legs also have red glass running down his legs and some boots with red glowing wheels on them. Ekko dashes and moves around on the wheels. Hands: Ekko has gauntlets with metal shells. On his right hand, he has a red glowing sword attached to his hand.

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