Dark Star Skins Ideas

Hey Guys, There are alot of Ideas for dark star skins and i will present a few of them and a few of my own: I just put everything I can imagine to ba a dark star skin in this post. **Dark Star Vel'koz** Everybody want's it. Imagine the Ult to suck everything in his eye **Dark Star Lux** There is an awsome skin concept for this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MelZY_2hbKM MY IDEAS: **Dark star Jhin** He's schooting stars and his E is a black hole that collapses **Dark Star Aurelion Sol** Hes the Mirrorpart to his normal skin. Dark and destruktive. His Q would be a black hole that collapses. Additionally i can imagine awsome splasharts for this skin. **(Dark Star Syndra)** Would be fitting but it would be the same colors as the normal skin. **Dark Star Orianna** This one is obvious... The ball is a black hole. The skin just needs some better animations which arent that robotic. **Dark Star Gankplank** The Barrels are dark stars collapsing. The ult is a meteor shower. The Q shoots a star **Dark Star Zilean** He throws black holes and the giant clock is a universe behind him. I have no idea If anybody is interested discussing this but feel free to leave your ideas in the comments below.
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