ES! 'The Equilibrium Sphere'

The Lore: For thousands of years there was a 'big ball' two men tall, doing nothing alongside the main road between Krexor and Uindor. No one knows how, what, why, when about it. Travellers 'used' it as a half way sign. some tried to break it open with no avail. They tried to move it but it was immune to physical power and magic alike. And then! There was a fight planned between two rival gangs. They met up at noon beside the 'Half Way Ball' to settle the argument with clubs, knives, swords and even pick forks. When the first clang was heard by two swords hitting each other... There was an earthquake! followed by lightning! and fire! then.... nothing... middle in the night some members of the two gangs wake up tens of yards away from each other and the 'Half Way Ball'. One man had the idea to take the advantage he had over the enemy that was still lying down. The 'Half Way Ball' opened up and discharged an lighting arc to that man. Stunned him and gave him superficial burns al over his body. After that both gangs picked up all their members and walked back home, to scared to fight. Some hours later the 'Half Way Ball' rolled away leaving a deep trail behind him in search for more fights to equalize... Later it was known by the name ES! 'The Equilibrium Sphere' ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The looks: It is a sphere that is made up of 8 even parts. between the parts you can see the light of the power core that is in the middle of it. the colour of the light depends on what role it takes. Tank = green, AD = red, AP = blue. AP & AD = purple, AD & tank = yellow and tank & AP is cyan. The 8 parts are pearly white with on the borders iron with pop nails. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The skills passive: ES! has no auto attack delay but a wind up time. (all other champions need time before they can AA. 'ES!' needs time after the AA) based on the build you choose / ultimate form you pick, you get unique stats. **AP**: 10% more mana, 10% more AP, 10% CDR on top of the max CD and gets 25% smaller. **AD**: 10% more IAS, 10% more life steal, 10% extra movement speed and 25% smaller. **Tank**: 10% more HP, 10% more tenacity, 10% more armour & magic resist, 10% more life regeneration and 25% bigger. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Q Arc! for 3 seconds ES! will be a lightning conduit that every 0.2 seconds will arc between ES! and chosen target that is in range. W Rush! for 3 seconds ES! get 50% decaying increased movement speed. the first second ES! will be transparent and untargetable. When ES! bump gainst an enemy in the last 2 seconds window ES! will stun it and all in a small area around it. The faster ES! moves the longer the stun. ------------------------------------------------------------------- E Holo! 3 extra spheres appears on the location you click (need to click 3 times) for 5 seconds they move synchronized towards your selected target by using E. When the enemy is in range they AA the target for 20% each (at the same attack speed ES! has). when you have upgraded ES! Ultimate they will do for; **AP**: Arc! between them and all enemies. **AD**: the standard. **Tank**: Rush! to enemy and explode when in range and doing your max HP based dmg. The Holo's have 25% HP of ES!. -------------------------------------------------------------------- R: **AP**: Shock wave! Stuns for 0.5 seconds enemies in a circle around ES! and the discharge arc between ES! and enemies. the initial strike is 100% dmg to one enemy. Or 50% to 2 enemies or 33,33% to 3 enemies. Then there is an arc that last for 2 seconds and needs 0.2 sec to go from one to an other and does 10% dmg. **AD**: Implode! builds up pure energy for 0.5 seconds (moves freely) then pull all enemies inside the circle towards ES! for 30% dmg then 0.2 seconds later it explode and engulf all who in the circle with fire 60% dmg and push them away. then for 5 seconds they are on fire and doing 10% total dmg over time and slows hem for 10% **Tank**: Earthquake! in a big (xerath lvl 1 ult range) circle around the ES! the ground will crumble. Slows and dmg all enemies (per second) who walk in it. the dmg is based on ES! max health.
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