Swain's W feedback. My Opinion

So, Let's talk about this W (Vision of Empire). **Before I get into the talking about this ability I want to add that Swain was the only AP champion I used in top and after the update I got over 50+ games on him within ranked, my winrate is above 55%, so I would say I am pretty decent on Swain even if he's new. Back to the opinion I got. ** While at the start of the day, I saw little use for this ability except for a followup ability on Swain's E, Vision within the enemy jungler's jungle and Monster steals. What riot apparently wanted to use this ability for was to "Gank" lanes, but how hard I tried to land it on ganking it was almost impossible unless you waited for your ally to land a CC, and even if it was a slow the duration before the damage was just too long that the enemy can still walk away from it even with a 60% slow on them. The 20+ games I got on him later I started understanding how to use his E properly and somewhat his W, where I can use his W to Zone certain areas away. But here comes the problem with this, if a tank or someone with high defensive skills walked up to that area, they pretty much only takes the slow and almost no damage taken. The high CD and the impossible ability to land it is always way too hard for the little usefulness it gives. Remember that it also has a 100 mana cost which is really wasteful when used for followup on E, should probobly only be followed up on E when you are low and need an escape. While right now at my 50+ games mark I maybe hit 40% of my W's used while 20% of them are for scouting areas. A lot of people probobly would say max E second, but I max my W second cause the Slow is extremely good at high rank and the lower cd really helps with scouting. I do not max the ability cause of the damage since it's isn't all that much damage at max rank, including it has horrible scaling. So **final rating on this ability would be 4/10**. But even if it's a 4/10 I would probobly still say it may be the least useless Ability used for Damage purposes. The high CD and high Mana cost just doesn't make up for the low damage it gives. I think this ability is very bad, but I only see 1 change needed for it and it's to reveal monsters for same amount of seconds as for champions. It would live up to it's name that way, I really don't bother about the base-Damage one bit, but the scaling and slow should be fixed, only 35% slow at first ranks is just way to weak, making it a must rank 2nd for the slow to be useful for followup abilities to such as stuns. **Let me say this again to make everyone understand, I am not complaining on Swain's W, I like the concept but I do like to give an honest opinion and increased concept on it** Thanks for reading.
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