Will Ekko get a new skin soon?

I have been playing since the beta till the end of season 3. I made a return at the start of season 7. I watch the company adding new patches and new sort of content. Man I really love how the game has developed through the years. So many fun champions (like Yasuo, Zed, Darius, Veigar and oh boy my very very favorite hero: Ekko) and they all have nice skins and nice visual effects. I still have the desire to play Ekko, but the fact that he hasn't a legendary skin (something above 1820 rp) disturbs me..I'm jealous that Riot releases all sick insane skins and updates on most champions, and no epic skins on Ekko..I really want to play Ekko because he is so unique and rewarding, I have more than 400k mastery points on him, but I temporarily quit the game because I'm angry about the fact that my main champion has no legendary skins.. So will Ekko get a new expensive skin? It will be the reason I come back to league of legends...
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