[Champion Idea] Reus. The Thief

Reus. the Thief Lore:How do you know someone is a thief if you don't know that person exists, this is Reus raised by another thief each time the previous one got caught and so he became very good at it learning how and what to do in order to not get caught and even to not let anybody know he is around.around. Reus first attempt to steal something was in zaun where he was chased for days and in he's darkest moment when he's chaser found and cornered him he looked upon the device he stole and got the desire to know for what he's going to die so he pulled up the electronic glove raised it against he's chaser and activated it and for he's own relief he was pushed away and he was able to escape.Days passed and one day he walked past one he's chaser from that day and then he realized the glove didn't just pushed him away it always erased he's memory. Look Young white adult with a hood and a white coral around he's neck using a dagger, not very slim. HEALTH 538 – 1885 HEALTH REGEN. 7 – 16.1 MELEE 150 ATTACK DAMAGE 65 – 110 ATTACK SPEED 0.651 (+0% – 51.0%) ARMOR 24.4 – 89.0 Magic resist 32.1 – 44.95 MOV. SPEED 350 Pasive: Pursuit Description:Always running from he's chasers Reus developed himself into a runing machine. Effect: Gains bonus 10% bonus movement speed when he attacks or it's attacked by an enemy champion Note(The bonus movement speed decays over 2 seconds) Q:Escape Plan(19/18/17/16/15 sec CD 100 mana) Reus sumon a x anywhere in front of him at max 200 range away if he enters the x he then flashes 300 range forward. Lvl 1:5% movement speed bonus 25 bonus damage for the first hit Lvl 2:7% movement speed bonus 35 bonus damage for the first hit Lvl 3:9% movement speed bonus 45 bonus damage for the first hit Lvl 4:11% movement speed bonus 55 bonus damage for the first hit Lvl 5:13% movement speed bonus 65 bonus damage for the first hit W:Anonymous/Thief CD 13/12/11/10/9 Aoe(350) Anonymous:Reus uses he's glove in order to escape or drag he's opponent to him The closest champion to reus is either pulled to him or knocked-back if the target has less than 50%hp it will be pulled to reus if the target has more than 50% the target will get a knock-back Lvl 1:100 knock back 105 (+0.4 bonus ad)damage Lvl 2:115 knock back 130 (+0.4 bonus ad)damage Lvl 3: 125 knock back 155 (+0.4 bonus ad)damage lvl 4: 135 knock back 175 (+0.4 bonus ad)damage lvl 5: 145 knockback 195 (+0.4 bonus ad)damage Thief: In a run for getting the prey as fast as possible Reus becomes enraged and tries to knock down he's target faster Effect: If Reus is bellow 50% hp he does 2/3/4/5/6% bonus damage E:Steal and Sabotage (10 sec cd at all levels) (100 mana all levels) Reus is a master thief and will try to sabotage he's enemy. Range(300)+available skill shot if triggered for the gold steal If the marked enemy does damage he will take damage and Reus will gain bonus gold Lvl 1:100 (+0.5 Bonus ad)/ Reus will gain 15 gold and 15 armor bonus for 3 seconds Lvl 2:135(+0.5 Bonus ad)/ Reus will gain 25 gold and 15 armor bonus for 3 seconds Lvl 3:170 (+0.5 Bonus ad)/ Reus will gain 35 gold and 15 armor bonus for 3 seconds Lvl 4:205 (+0.5 Bonus ad) /Reus will gain 45 gold and 15 armor bonus for 3 seconds Lvl 5:240 (+0.5 Bonus ad)/ Reus will gain 55 gold and 15 armor bonus for 3 seconds R: Street Laws CD 150/130/110-NO COST Reus knows he has to stay out of the sight in order to not draw attention on him and get his enemies down without them knowing what hit them. Effect: Reus becomes invisible automatically if there are more than 2 champs around him and he's first attack gives him bonus effects Duration of invisible effect 6/7/8 seconds If target above 50% health Reus does 100/200/300 +(0.4 bonus ad) bonus damage If target is below 50% the target is poisoned and left to die 65/80/95+(0.2 AD) damage per second for 2 seconds and stunned for 1 second Explanation for the ult: Reus goes into stealth by pure instinct after 1 second and you can't control him so it will be a no cost ability Updated V1.1 Any suggestion or reviews are welcomed. Thanks for reading.Sorry for bad English i'm not a native speaker.
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