Puvv - The Messenger From Below

I'd like to start off by thanking you all for taking the time to read this, I'm not not English mastermind or anything like that, this is just something I really like the idea of and put it down straight away, so if anything needs changing, or you have anything to add or feel would be better, please fire away and together we might make something awesome! Here's what I got so far, Puvv - The Messenger From Below Lore - Puvv was a thief, only young he was left by his parents when he was young. He found it hard to adjust to life and then fell in to a life of crime, he worked for a local gang as a messenger - he would run messengers and errands for his boss. One day Puvv was given a mysterious package, it had a dark glow to it - something was wrong but these weren't the type of people you simply deny. Puvv accepted and set out on a two day journey to deliver the box. On his first night Puvv saw shadows outside his tent, he opened up to see who was out there - no one, he looked back in the tent and saw shadows, outside? No one. The shadows were grotesque and deformed, but nothing in the empty fields around could make that type of shadow, let all be the air I between the fire and tent. Puvv heard his name being whispered, he turned around to see the package rattling - the sound seemingly coming from within, he cautiously approached the box, aware something as terribly amiss, and slowly opened. A loud screech from without blew him back, as a ghostly skull flew around him, before entering his mouth. Puvv started to change, he could see his body darkening and could hear the whispers getting louder "you're mine now" they seered, Puvv rushed back to his tent, only to see the two shadows where now up, their faces stared blankly at him, Puvv, shocked stood there. The two monstrosities ran at him, and hats the last he remembered. All that remains of Puvv now is a blank, zombie like version of him, forever serving the voices in his head, running errands for a darker cause - nobody knows what the box held truly, or what the intended receiver was to do. But that no longer matters, Puvv took it, and paid the price. Appearance - A slim teenager build, bald with peircing White eyes, his body has turned black and started to deform, he runs with more of a shamble, and attacks even more mindlessly Abilities Passive (The shadow walker) Puvv leaves a small trail of grasping shadowy hands wherever he goes, slowly slowing people that chase him (5/7/10%) Q (Dark Mind) Puvv shocks a target enemy and blasts their mind with visions of shadowy figures, making them run in fear for (0.5/1/1.5/2/2.5 seconds) and deals (50/100/150/200/250 + 0.25% AP MAGIC dmg) (18/16/14/12/10 CD) W (Messengers Pace) Puvv slows himself for 20% to give target ally 20% movement speed until the effect is cancelled (Constant) E (Shadow Mark) Puvv uses his new powers to mark for possession an enemy target, he initially deals (20/30/40/50/50 base AP damage) and providing Puvv stays within range for 3 seconds will allow puvvs Dark Mind to instead stun for the respective time (8/7/6/5/4 CD) R (Underworld Grasp) Puvv uses reaches out under the ground channeling for 0.5 seconds and then reaches out on all enemy champions and grasps them with crushing shadow hands doing (1/2/3% Max Hp as magic damage) for 3 seconds while also rooting them, visible or not (300/300/300 CD)

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