New honor upgrade concept ?

I'll be honest, I'm not sure this idea would be abuse proof or if it would even be beneficial for anyone, but that's why i'm making this post, to see what other people would think of it, so anyway : You ever had a really amazing game thanks to a random stranger and wanted to reward them for it ? what you gon do ? honor them ? that's really not impactfull at all ? gift them a random skin ? unfortunately end of game gifting hasn't been seen since the launch of the current client and it's been a very long time now so probably not gonna be seen anymore How about some kind of special honor that would send them an honor token that they can redistribute or collect to redeem a skin of their choice ? Here's how I'd see that kind of system : - 1 honor token would have about the same value as 10 RP (can be lowered or increased to fit with the new currency flow) - These honor tokens would be part of the hextech crafting system, so you'd go in your loot to exchange your tokens for RP - Everyone would get 1 free token every week, non-stackable, once you have your one free token you won't get another free token next week unless you use it to honor someone - There'd be a minimum number of tokens required to forge them into RP (or BE/OE maybe?), so that you can't just get your free token each week and use them on yourself to get a new one next week - You'd get bonus currency when trading your honor tokens in, depending on last season's honor level (or the current season if the account is new), something small like maybe 1.25% extra currency for every checkpoint, up to 15% at honor 5 (I think ?) - If you were previously punished and your honor level was locked, you'd still be able to receive your free token and distribute it but other players wouldn't be able to send you extra honor tokens - You cannot send honor tokens to friends or premades - You can buy extra honor tokens for a little bit over the amount of RP they're worth (accounting for honor level bonuses) - If someone honors you with an honor token, it would show on the end game screen (next to the most-honored, if you also get it) and in your next game your honor flair would be visible in the loading screen with a little cosmetic upgrade to it just for that game And obviously : you need to have at least one honor token (free, received or purchased) to honor someone with it So basically with this system you'd be able to reward a random stranger you play with that you think was the most fun player you've played with or that you'll play with this week, and if around 52 to 320 unique players thought you deserved their 1 weekly honor token then you can reward yourself with a kewl new skin or even send a present to a friend (that number can be changed by adapting the value of each honor token) The way I see it, it would take at least a few weeks or months for an average player to be able to get any reward from these honor tokens, and I think that's how it should be So, any opinions on this kind of system ? is there something I missed out on that makes it a flawed concept ? is it simply not worth the time ? would people never use their free token ? Also worth noting : this idea would not be a replacement for the current honor system but an addition to it
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