Pantheon, the lame of Targon [Rework concept]

So, you came here after this title!? Congrats! You just found a pile of steaming one, my friend! So, Pantheon is a straight forward champion but what about a WW like shake-up? Without the visual overhaul of course. Mechanically he is simple and click to win type of boredom. He can win and snowball but there are better fighter type champions. Without hesitation jump into the mechanics that could change him for the better or worse. Evething here is just some random BS tossed togeather so just enjoy. Passive -> Should be unchanged. it is actually a reason to play him in some situations allows him aggression on lane, under towers. Versatile ability. Q - Speartoss -> Pantheon tosses his spear. The spear pierces minions and looses damage, but stops in champions. If the spear hits a champion it gets stuck in the target. If Pantheon hits the enemy with a basic attack, the spear gets ripped out causing a 4 seconds low dmg bleed and a 2 second mild slow. Landing the spear in a champion gives a stack of passive. Cooldown stays the same Ability is skillshot. W - Shield charge -> Pantheon charges forward a set distance. Knocking aside any target who isn't in his direct path. when he collides with a champion, he damages them and stunning them for 1second. It also applies a stack of passive. Cooldown stays the same Ability is skillshot. E - Might of Targon -> Pantheon uses all strength stored in the artifacts. His attack speed is increased to cap, gains extra range, and he mildly slows with each attack. Cooldown stays nearly the same. R - Grand Skyfall -> Basically a long CD long range Zac ult could replace the current ultimate. The effects would stay the same in team fights but it can allow a faster cast/landing time and an over faster and more versatile ultimate. IT is just a fantasy but if you see anything good in it just comment. We may have something the pile.

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