Commando Soldier Idea

Just had an idea, for an interesting concept, but would probably have really crap satisfaction because the design is based around all toggle-able abilities. a futuristic super soldier who changes his ammo type (q,w,e) to get additional benefits. literally thought of it on the spot now so not given massive thought into things like cooldowns or anything but heres the idea. Soldier with an assault rifle, who changed the ammo mag of his gun to different bullet round types. P) when changing ammo mag, the soldier will reload his mag, becoming temporarily unable to fire (this time is reduced by attack speed) but gains a sudden boost of movespeed which decays over the reload time (minimum 1 second) Q) 50 Cal Mag, these bullets are built to pierce armor, giving a % armor ignore to all bullets fired with this mag (more % as level up) W) Stun Rounds, These Bullets will shock the targets on hit, giving a slight movespeed reduction for 0.2 seconds, if 4 consecutive bullets are hit on one target in a row, he will be able to activate Stun on his W. Stun will shock a target with 4 stun stacks (1 second cast time) E) Napalm Buck Shot, this mag gives the soldier a flaming cone attack replacing his regular auto attacks, dealing a portion of the damage as magical affecting the first targets hit within the cone, and a small damage over time burn for 1 second (time refreshed on consecutive hits with this mag) R) Akimbo, the soldier replaces his assault rifle for 2 sub machine guns, reducing his attack range but allowing 2 of his mags to be toggled at the same time, and disabling the reload attack disable from the passive (but keeping the move speed on toggle) Like i said not given too much thought into technicalities like cooldown and damage and etc... but think it would be a cool concept for a champion who doesnt actually use skill shots or any abilities. i know the closest thing to this in league is currently udyr with his form changes but thought id write it up out of boredom :) feel free to comment, critique, feedback or anything. dont take it too seriously just a fun concept off top of my head. hope someone find the idea interesting and maybe does a full job on it like art and stuff (cause im bad at that).
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