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edit: I think I can only add one link. So here is another popular discussion dealing with the same matter. Dear Riot Games, I am writing to you because I think League of Legends could greatly improve if map skins were added. I know this idea is not new because I have seen it in EU/NA forums as well as in Reddit. Not only that, but from what I have investigated this is a hot topic in Art-Concept-Websites and in illegal websites which profit from changing the game. League of Legends has an amazing atmosphere. In fact, if I had to pick a reason I have played this game for so long... it would be because I have always identified with the look, feel and lore. It feels like we're experiencing a different world when inside Summoners Rift and it feels like we have been outplayed when we fail to protect our Nexus. I know map skins would pose complications, from map mechanics, to map aesthetics, to map balancing but I believe most of these issues could be first tackled by working on top of the **existing **Summoners Rift. Your incredible team of artists and software engineers could create, new barons (sand worms for Shurima?) and dragons (sea monsters for Bilgewaters?) and many more things for each geographical location of Runeterra. {{champion:268}} Shurima could be a desert SR, {{champion:34}} Freljord the cold/snowy SR, {{champion:53}} Piltover the hextech SR... etc. I know there are game modes for these locations. But I would like to rule them out. League of legends has a world so full of charm and colour that a project like this would bring it life. You already have a very well thought out Runeterra map where each character fits (in terms of looks and personality) perfectly. It feels natural to have these locations playable as the next step. I hope in the future we will be able to look at the map of Runeterra (in the start screen) and hover our cursor on top of the different geographical locations and we will be able to learn about the lore and if we wish... we can play it ! It is true, sometimes we get bored of the magical forest that is predetermined for Summoners Rift but I believe you can bring more positive change. A change like the one I discussed will make the game more immersive and it will also make protecting the Nexus closer to heart. I hope to hear from you soon. Kindest regards, sadicdragon7
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