Single emote from hextech chest. Rant

Hello! Straight to the point 1 single emote froma hextech chit(chest+shit[REAL ORIGINALtm]) feels sht, like the kind of a feels sht when u get kicked in the balls and u hit ur face on the concrete. It's totaly garbage feeling i know we didnt have hextech and we still played the game, but its in the game for 2 years now and when i open a chest now and get something i can work for unlocking it later on. But when i open a chest and get a single god dam emote is infuriating im not even using them i always mute it even for my teammates and i cant dust them either its just a fking slap on my face. Here you go ahole "vayne wink emote" have fun whit it. Pls for the love of god just let me dust it or give me 100 O essence instead of this pice of sht weebo art. I dont even know ehre to post this rant there wasnt a topic of how i got kicked in the balls and hit my face in the concrete, could post it in fan fiction tho. Also i know im probably gona hit another bann for this but i don't rly care i dont wanna use pretty words(cant im a barbaric monkey anyway) and this is how i feel about this SINGLE EMOTE FROM A CHEST A GOD DAMN FKING STICKER STICKER{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} SEE THIS THIS PIeCE OF ART{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} "claping"

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