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I'm currently working on creating a concept mesh for this champion but i suck so it will take a while. So i've had this idea for years now of yasuo's brother joining the rift as a ghost or youkai. But it wouldn't fit lorewise i think so i never really posted my idea. But then i was like the concept is fun and we need a new support that is actually unique. I feel like the supports show a lack of diversity and most of all lack of fun with a few exceptions like thresh and bard. So without further ado. Yune, The Whisper of Ionia. So as far as looks go Yune should have a simple design hes a young boy youkai. That would sorta look like Nora from Noragami. Obviously not in a yukata cause hes male. His abilities will be shikigami base (japanese word for familiar) Kind of based on Tenma Ichinotani from Mushibugyou. He has 2 paper shikigami which he uses to fight. as far as his abilities go. Passive- Spellweave: When Yune Casts a Spell on an Ally he gets a Shikigami charge stacks up to 4 times. At 4 stacks His next ability becomes empowered. Edit** ( After some discussion with friends i sat down to think about the actual mechanics of how skills will be employed) Q- Gather: Yune Charges his familiars. Each .5 second of charging takes 1 passive stack. Sendforth(4): Yune sends forth his familiars in to knockback enemies 50/100/150/250 units and grant allies a burst of (5 / 10 / 15 / 25) movement speed for .5-2 seconds decaying over time. (Aesthetically this would look like a swirl of spellcharms in front of yune and then like him sending them out.)( Keep in mind that this attack should have around a 400ish range so getting knocked backed at max range with max stacks puts the enemy at a 650ish(Cait Headshot) range which i think is fair. but idk much about balance and stuff.) W- Entrainment: Yune sends familiars to a location damaging enemies along the way and interrupting at impact. Empowered(2); Stun at impact point. (The shape of this would be similar to galio q.) E- Bastion: Yune sends out a pulls of healing light. Empowered(3): Yune does a 3 combo pulse the final pulls knocks back enemies. (This skill should have a semi low cooldown at max rank id say about 4ish seconds with 40% cdr) (This will be yunes way of gathering familiars hence the low cooldown) R-Catapult: Yune flings enemies in a direction. Fills yunes familiar stacks. Empowered(4): It leaves a wall that slows after the fling. (im imagining this about like 50 units wide and 300 units long with similar mechanics to taliyahs w) So in teamfights yune would be a heavy kite'n peel supp stacking next to his adc and making sure noone dares touch them. A combo would be R W E Q E. So someone jumps your adc you fling them away to get your passive stacks(4) and follow it up with a stun(-2). You heal your adc with a pulse(+1) charge up your q for 2 seconds to fend of the reengage (-2) and Then get your 3 pulse off if someone comes again. Just an example but i think this champ would be great for people that are new and pro. So once again let me know what you think :D
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