New Xayah and Rakan Skins

So I just watched the Vid or Skin Spotlight of Sweetheart Xayah & Rakan, and I already know, that its not 100% sure that if skins is getting shown through Skin Spotlight, it dosent mean they will come definitley out like that. So me and be friend are since live server realease, Xayah and Rakan mains (back in the time where not everyone had a PBE account, I already played Xayah and knew that she will be my main). These new skins are really fantastic and very well desinged, but my first impression from the first pictures I saw was like: these skins are not that good in my opinion. But now I saw the full skin so i changed my first thougths about these skins. So what Iam trying to say is, the Spells how they look is great and worth to buy, but the models of these two arent really the yellow from the egg, so is there any chance, that the models might get changed a bit so they dont look like they are right now? :/ Iam really worried about buying these skins, its like an 50/50: Spells looks f-ing amazing, but the models...meh. The models dosent really fit in the Rift. So quick and fast: is there a chance that the models of these 2 skins might get desinged better (spells already looks fantastic, no flame there great job x)) or not? Thanks for reading <3 Have a nice non-salty day in the Rift :3 "Once, Magic was everywhere, or as the Vastaya says: Onupusat" -Miela
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