Chroma's include slight skin changes.

Using Arclight Yorick as the example. This is more a personal irk for me because I'm sure many people enjoy the look of him but the face on the back completely ruins the skin for me. I know it's apart of his theme and anything but couldn't you do something where you released it with a cape instead of the face like Mord's king of clubs? Like a chroma but it's just a little more than colours adjusted, i think it'd be a good idea for multiple skins. Arclight Yorick White Chroma (Caped) Arclight Yorick White Chroma (Uncaped) I'd be more than happy spending at least 300 RP on the slight change. Something along those lines, what do you guys think? I'm in love with the theme of the skin and it being all holy but that face on the back really puts me off it.

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