Rewarding good players

Captured with Lightshot
Hello ! So I was wondering is there a chance of getting rewarded for playing good ? And if there are anything that would inspire players to play with their favorite champions . Now it's just some numbers next to your champion level but that doesn't really say to you to GO and LEARN everything that is posible (I mean learn your champion , what plays to do and stuff) ,to become the best "champion name" ever xD . So I thought what if RIOT would reward players who are really trying hard to be that GOOD player in the team . Who main their champion . Now a bit about that case system I think it's preaty dumb to be honest cos to get a case you must NOT play with the champion you do good and it makes you play bad sometimes (cos you pick random champ just to get the case :/ ) My suggestion would be to give players who reach let's say 100k scores on their champ something dedicated to the champion like a special skin or maybe even a ward with the champion style skin (champ skin would be the best tho :P ) . (P.S. that pic is just to understand what I'm talking about)
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