The Awakening

i have a skin idea for targonian champions specifically the Aspects of targon Aspect of the moon {{champion:131}} Aspect of the sun {{champion:89}} Aspect of war {{champion:80}} Aspect of the Protector {{champion:44}} as far as i know each of these champions has a god inside of them serving as vessels while also retaining their personality , its like 2 persons in one body my idea is that after a while the god inside of them fully awakens and takes control and the body transforms into something worthy of a god then the champion soul is merged with the god (we dont really want the champion essence to disappear completely) and we get to see more of the god rather than champion it self each champion will have it as a legendary skin , not epic since each of those champions has an epic already , and ofc since a legendary needs alot of work there is no rush there will months apart from each skin make it a year even as long as the skin is in good quality and worthy of a legendary title am saying this because as a {{champion:89}} main i've always wanted to see the goddess side of {{champion:89}} i wanted her see in a devine gold and white (with flames?)Templar type of armor something that inspires both fear and respect since you are in the presence of god . unfortunately i am not talented enough to draw what i have in my imagination on paper to show you how i want it so on a side note i dont want {{champion:131}} (the goddess not the champion) to be an enemy to the sun goddess . since {{champion:131}} her self is a fanatic and she kills any solari that stands in her way.. but as far as i can tell from the lore the gods or aspects of targon are dont have any form of hostilities between each other and thus the moon goddess and the sun goddess should be at least neutral to each other please tell me what you think about this and if you have anything to add feel free ^_^

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